Southwest Sun No Challenge for NeverFade Paint

AKRON, OHIO - The intense desert sun in Arizona can be brutal on paint jobs. In Cave Creek, the owner of The Plaza at Black Mountain shopping complex saw the exterior paint on his building disappear in less than a decade. Originally painted brown, the sun faded the coating to gray ... and then it simply vanished.

"The stucco exterior was bare when I arrived," says painter Kelly Mattes. "I investigated paint options that would bring new life to the building and provide a long-term solution. That research led me to NeverFade(TM) paint by APV Engineered Coatings."

Warranted to last 15 years against fading, NeverFade professional exterior paint is formulated with Kynar Aquatec® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) to make it resistant to fading, algae, fungus, stains and abrasions. The water-based paint formula has low VOCs and is eco-friendly. It resists abrasions, restricts the growth of mold and mildew, and will not pick up dirt.

"From just this one experience, I'd use this paint on every project if I could," says Mattes. "After 30+ years as a painter, I was surprised and impressed with NeverFade. The paint has a creamy, rich texture and is not watery. It went on splatter-free and never made a mark on my drop cloth."

Mattes hand rolled just one coat of the custom Sahara color of NeverFade paint on the building complex that includes a hair salon, restaurant, insurance company and specialty shops. The one-man job took about 120 hours to complete, including the staining of the wood trim around the structure.

"This paint is as good or better than any paint I've ever used," says Mattes. "It rolled and pushed into the stucco surface very easily with a roller pad, requiring only one coat. The covering was even and complete. NeverFade really transformed this shopping center area. The idea that it's warranted against fading for 15 years in these extreme weather conditions is exceptional and has brought peace-of-mind to the owner."

Painter and Artist

While Mattes has been painting homes throughout the country since the 1970s, his first preference is mural painting. The freelance artist specializes in landscape scenery and wildlife, creating unique focal displays on everything from privacy walls in residential yards to sides of buildings.

"I was so impressed with the NeverFade paint that I plan to use it for my next mural wall in Arizona," says Mattes. "The fact that the colors won't fade over time and will retain their brilliance is inspiring."

The planned mural will be created on a high-profile street in North Scottsdale in May. The 200-foot-wide by six-feet-high scene will depict different natural landmarks in New Mexico, California and Arizona, and will have motorcycles traveling a road throughout the different states.

"This wall mural is planned as a way to promote my company so I'm extremely particular on the paints I'll be using," says Mattes. "Since the big thing in the southwest these days is an explosion of color to complement the desert environment, I'll be requesting bright, unique colors of NeverFade."

For more information on home and custom mural project work done by Kelly Mattes, call 480-907-4433.

Available nationwide to APV certified contractors for use on both residential and commercial projects, NeverFade may be applied to vinyl siding, PVC, wood, aluminum siding, stucco, masonry, and fiber cement surfaces. Since each paint order is custom made, NeverFade is available in an unlimited number of colors.

Founded in Akron, Ohio in 1878, APV Engineered Coatings manufactures innovative, custom engineered products that are sold worldwide to a wide variety of industries. For more information on products, services and the APV contractor certification program, visit or call 800-772-3452.

NeverFade paint is sold under a trademark license from ARKEMA INC. which is the owner of the KYNAR and KYNAR AQUATEC Trademarks.

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