Sonobond's Ultrasonic Metal Welding Technology for the Solar Panel Industry

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania - America's search for greater energy independence is receiving a helping hand from Sonobond Ultrasonics. According to Melissa Alleman, the company's vice president, Sonobond's MS-5010PV Ultrasonic Photovoltaic (PV) Modular System is playing a vital role in the growth of the solar panel industry. She says, "All Americans like the idea of clean energy and less reliance on oil. So we are pleased that our ultrasonic technology is helping to accomplish these goals. Sonobond's Ultrasonic Photovoltaic (PV) Modular System is perfect for welding aluminum foil to the metallized glass on the photovoltaic cells that comprise solar panels. Our equipment creates an ultra-reliable, solid-state metallurgical bond. The resulting interconnects between the PV cells generate an array with excellent conductivity."

Ms. Alleman goes on to say, "More and more manufacturers are relying on this
Sonobond equipment because it is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. They are especially impressed by the fact that our high-frequency (50kHz), low amplitude Ultrasonic Photovoltaic Modular System does not distort materials or crack the glass panels in the PV cells. They also like our technology because it is easy to operate with only minimal training. In short, manufacturers of solar panels enjoy significant savings in terms of time, resources, and production costs."

Designed for Easy Integration

Sonobond's MS-5010PV Ultrasonic Photovoltaic (PV) Modular system is designed for easy integration into the production lines of solar panel manufacturers. The unit consists of an ultrasonic head with a rotatable welding disk and a power supply. The head has a keyed shaft which can be used to rotate the welding disk at the same speed as the advancing photovoltaic panel. In addition, the system's power supply features a solidstate frequency converter and automatic tuning control. This eliminates the need to manually adjust the frequency. Sonobond modules are typically placed at each side of the traversing panel. Manufacturers can choose either the standard 110-volt system or a 220-volt system. Power consumption is only 100 watts.

In speaking of Sonobond's hands-on approach to helping its customers, Vice
President Alleman says, "We understand that each installation is unique. So we work
closely with manufacturers by providing in-depth technical support before, during, and
after installation. Our commitment to customer service is second to none. It's an
important aspect of providing first-class products that set the pace for our industry."

Ultrasonic Welding Offers Important Advantages

The Sonobond MS-5010PV Ultrasonic Photovoltaic Modular System produces
seam welds by applying mechanical vibratory energy under pressure. The process takes
just seconds, while using no fluxes, tapes, solder, or other consumables. Solar panel
manufacturers find that this ultrasonic bonding process offers substantial advantages in the production of the solar cells used to make up solar panels. In addition to its speed, the process is environmentally-friendly, economical, and does not produce excessive heat.

Worldwide Leaders in Ultrasonic Technology

For over 50 years, Sonobond Ultrasonics has been a recognized leader in the
application of ultrasonic welding and bonding technology. The company-then known
as Aeroprojects-received the first patent ever awarded for ultrasonic metal welding in
1960. Over the intervening years, Sonobond has earned an outstanding reputation for its
pioneering work, engineering excellence, and top-quality products. Sonobond now
manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic bonding and welding equipment for a wide
variety of customers. Among the company's many customers are leading firms in the
solar, electrical, automotive, appliance, aerospace, filtration, medical, and apparel

Additional Information

For additional information about Sonobond's products or to learn about their free,
no obligation Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test, visit the company's website at or call 800-323-1269. For immediate service, contact
Vice President Melissa Alleman at


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