Solutions for Tomorrow’s Smart Car Production

Digitalization and e-mobility—just one of these megatrends would already be enough to unleash massive transformations in the manufacturing and machinery industries. But when both occur at the same time, what should change and how should businesses prepare? These questions will be the main focus of the 2019 EMAG Technology Forum to be held on May 15 and 16 in Salach, Germany. The event takes a comprehensive look into the future and at the same time provides very concrete answers to these questions and more. It will also be an opportunity to bring together both science and practice. Renowned experts will talk about “Tomorrow’s Mobility” and “Big Data” in the manufacturing process and EMAG experts will show new production solutions for e-mobility in a variety of sessions within the theme area.

Some time ago, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, predicted that “Everything that can be digitalized, will be digitalized.” This couldn’t be more clear. The ensuing transformation has had a massive impact on automotive and mechanical engineering: Currently, many expert talks revolve around topics such as networked and autonomous cars, novel car-sharing models, big data and industry 4.0. Even the popular e-mobility boom would not be possible without digitalization - after all, many new e-models feature a multitude of innovative networking technologies. But what does this transformation mean for the manufacturing industry from a purely practical standpoint? And how should it react to this, now? “Providing answers to these questions will dominate our technology forum this year,” says Peter Loetzner, President & CEO of EMAG L.L.C. “For many businesses it is very difficult to predict how fast and far-reaching these developments are going to go. That is why we have set the objective for ourselves to provide participants at the EMAG Technology Forum on May 15 and 16 with extensive information about the changes and to offer them guidance. The event will also feature a new format with a specifically themed area, as well as sessions with experts and prominent speakers from sciences leading edge. Overall, there is one goal for putting this all together: to provide information about available solutions!” Our keynote speakers are Prof. Matthias Klingner, Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, and Prof. Stefan Bratzel, Director of the Center of Automotive Management. Their contributions are all about the e-mobile future—from connected cars to “Dieselgate”, all the way to the new competitors in the automotive market, such as Google. Additionally, Prof. Michael F. Zäh, Chair of Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technology at the Technical University in Munich, will explain how users of big data and of the “digital twin” can benefit. Other experts will provide information on the impact of e-mobility on the supplier industry and the digital transformation in the automotive industry—exciting subjects for the entire sector.

Experts Presentations and the Theme Area

The other events we have planned for the technology forum, specifically for e-mobility, are also in line with our complete manufacturing solutions. EMAG relies on an ingenious mix of simultaneous sessions, in which mechanical engineering experts will provide information about technological innovations, as well as a specifically themed area with exhibitor booths. How will participants benefit from this approach? “We want to create a very open, and at the same time, creative atmosphere,” says Peter Loetzner. “Based on their interests, participants will pick which sessions to attend and will then have the opportunity to have discussions with these experts. The topics will address things such as, the business potential of electric motor parts, novel processes such as additive manufacturing and complete machining based on multi-technology solutions. All visitors can then explore our spacious themed area and network with other contacts and industry experts.” A large exhibition area on EMAG’s new factory floor in Salach, Germany, will be reserved for this, providing ample opportunity to acquire information about industry 4.0, virtual reality, manufacturing systems, electric motor manufacturing, machine manufacturing solutions for specific components, new processes and much more. Moreover, participants at the technology forum will be able to experience, first-hand, many EMAG machines running live—from various pick-up turning centers to multi-technology machines all the way to electro-chemical machining.

Additionally, to live the motto “Whoever wants to understand e-mobility must experience it first-hand,” we will have the latest generation of electric cars available for test drives on both days. “We have put together an extensive program,” concludes Peter Loetzner. “Every participant should be able to acquire knowledge about the digital and e-mobile transformation. At the same time, we also take a very pragmatic look into the future: Which production solutions are important for tomorrow’s car manufacturing? We want to discuss this with the participants and show them our technology. We’re really looking forward to these two days in May.”

E-mobility, digitalization and the corresponding manufacturing solutions—Are you interested in these topics? Register for the event in Salach, Germany, on May 15 and 16, today under the following link:

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