SoftDEL's Aerodel Director Awarded

Aerodel Director industry's first industrial wireless network management system has been awarded the "Best of Wireless Sensor Network & RFID 2010" at the IDTechEx Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Harvesting & RFID conference in Hong Kong. "We are excited & honored that IDTechEx has selected Aerodel Director as the Best of WSN/RFID for 2010. Industrial Wireless Sensor Network Management System still in its nascent stage has a long way to traverse. We are very excited with this award and look forward for further growth in industrial wireless" said Chirag Nanavati, Chief Marketing Officer - SoftDEL . Wireless sensor networking for industrial automation applications is being driven by multiple standards such as Wireless Ethernet based on 802.11, WirelessHART based on 802.15.4, ISA100.11a and proprietary short range and long range technologies. Different technologies are suited depending on end use applications for industrial wireless, thus resulting in a multi-technology and multi-vendor environment in plants. Aerodel Director provides a unified and consistent visualization for the plant control engineer to monitor, troubleshoot, and secure wireless sensor network deployments with ease thus increasing confidence in industrial wireless network deployments. "Aerodel Director will allow plant control engineers to visualize, monitor, troubleshoot, and secure their wireless sensor network deployments with ease thus increasing confidence in industrial wireless network deployments." said Chirag Nanavati. Read more: IDTechEx 2010 ( About SoftDEL For over a decade, SoftDEL has leveraged its expertise in electronics, software, and mechanical engineering to help global automation companies design, develop, test and sustain their product lines. About Aerodel Director SoftDEL is focused on providing industrial grade networking & control solutions for the global automation world. SoftDEL envisions an industrial world with seamless wireless interconnectivity. Aerodel Director is the industry's first centralized enterprise-grade multi-vendor multi-protocol industrial wireless network management system. About IDTechEx IDTechEx is a knowledge based company specializing in printed electronics, energy harvesting, RFID and smart packaging. The company gives strictly independent marketing, technical and business advice and services on these subjects. It is in three forms - consultancy, publications and conferences. IDTechEx is unusually international in its reach, with directors in the US, UK and Germany and technical associates in Japan, Germany, New Zealand and elsewhere. For more details visit us at

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