Sodick to Feature Advanced Linear Motor Driven Technology at IMTS Booth E-5102

Sodick, Inc., will be featuring its latest innovative technology, new warranty programs, consumables and various contests and prizes at IMTS 2012 in booth E-5102. Sodick will be introducing its new 7 year machine warranty program, SodickCare Premier. SodickCare Premier is Sodick's "everything included" warranty program. This program includes many more benefits then a standard machine warranty and can be extended for up to 7 years of full coverage. Another new program Sodick will be showing is AfterCare. AfterCare is a 1 or 2 year used machine warranty. AfterCare allows for a Sodick, Linear Motor Driven, used EDM to be under warranty for up to 10 years. Stop by the Support Center in the Sodick booth to learn more about this unique program. Sodick, Inc. will be displaying a multitude of machines at this year's IMTS to show a large variance in size and technology. Five Wire EDM models will be on display including the AP250L, VZ300L, AG400L, AG600LH and the AQ750LH. Three Sinker EDM models will be featured in the booth including the AD25L, AG60L and AG80L. Two High Speed Vertical Mills will be in the booth including the HS650L and TT1-400A.

The AP250L is a Fine Wire EDM that maximizes cutting efficiency. The AP250L is used to EDM small intricate precision parts that require a micro wire diameter. The AP250L will be demonstrating .001" Wire, cutting in oil dielectric using Eco-Cut O Technology, which enables the AP250L to cut 25% faster than previous oil models, and 12% faster than water with a finer surface finish. The VZ300L Wire EDM is Sodick's cost-friendly option. The machine achieves outstanding levels of accuracy and cutting speeds comparable to high end Sodick EDM models. The AG Series WEDMs are a precision machining solution that have the ideal combination of speed and accuracy. The AG400L is ideal for small to medium sized parts and molds that require close tolerances and fine surface finishes. The AG600LH features a 20" Z-height allowing a unique height for its size. The AG600LH will have an integrated A/B Table and will be displaying 6-axis machining. The AQ750LH is from the AQ Series of Wire EDMs, which is Sodick's line of large capacity and extreme taper Wire EDMs. The AQ750LH features a fixed table design which allows for a workpiece with greater weight to be machined without affecting the table positioning or workpiece accuracy. This machine will be showing a new software feature for gathering machine data, an ideal solution for the aerospace and die/mold industries. All Sodick Wire EDMs are Linear Motor Driven and feature a 10-year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee.

The AD25L is Sodick's compact Sinker EDM. The AD25L is a cost-friendly, high speed, small footprint linear motor driven EDM. Two of the AG Series Sinker EDMs will be on display in the booth. The AG60L will be displayed along with a robot to show the ease of automation for this line of machines. The large capacity AG80L linear motor EDM will display the high performance of this series of machines. The AG Series is ideal for medium to large sized aerospace, energy related parts, die/molds that require close tolerances, fine surface finishes and deep rib machining. The AG Series has a simplified control mechanism which provides a direct link between the drive and the control. This ensures the fastest possible servo response time and optimal spark gaps at all times. These machines also feature linear motor drives and a 10-year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee.

Sodick will also feature two of its High Speed Mills at IMTS. The HS650L includes a linear motor drive system, 40,000 rpm spindle. The HS Series is a highly rigid, robust machine capable of withstanding the rapid acceleration and deceleration generated by linear motors allowing for a wide range of high-quality finish, complex machining. During the show, the HS650L will demonstrate graphite and hard metal machining. The new TT1-400A has unique construction coupled together with linear motor drives and a 40,000 rpm spindle.

Sodick Hightech EDM Consumables will be on display in the Sodick booth. Come learn why choosing the right consumables for your EDM is so important to maintaining the life of your EDM. While you are there, Sodick Hightech EDM Consumables will be holding a contest and raffling off prizes. So stop by to win.

Sodick Inc., established in 1976, has sold over 55,000 EDMs worldwide and has had over 30,000 linear motor EDM deliveries. Sodick machines are used for the production of dies and molds as well as other various applications that cannot be produced by standard machining methods. Sodick has four ISO certified manufacturing facilities with over 3,100 employees worldwide and technical centers located in Chicago, New Jersey and California. Sodick offers the industry's first 10-year Positioning Accuracy Guarantee on all of its linear motor driven EDMs.

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