SME's Media Division launches new website for manufacturers.

Press Release Summary:

SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Media has launched new website,, featuring manufacturing news and feature articles about manufacturing technologies, lean strategies, and workforce development. Aside from original and live news reports about manufacturing, site includes content from: Manufacturing Engineering magazine, Smart Manufacturing magazine, Advanced Manufacturing Now podcast, SME’s Industry Yearbook, and SME’s scholarly journals.

Original Press Release:

SME's Media Division Launches New Website for Manufacturing Professionals features manufacturing news and feature articles about manufacturing technologies, lean strategies and workforce development for all manufacturing professionals

(DEARBORN, Mich.) -- SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Media, a leading source of manufacturing news and technology information, has launched a new website,, that serves as the capstone of a series of product changes over the past year.

The new website features content from all of Advanced Manufacturing Media’s products, making it a rich resource for practitioners who are searching for solutions. Aside from original and live news reports about manufacturing, the site includes content from:

•  Manufacturing Engineering, SME’s popular monthly magazine focused on manufacturing technologies

•  Smart Manufacturing, a recently launched quarterly magazine focused on digital manufacturing

•  Advanced Manufacturing Now, a recently launched podcast for manufacturing professionals

•  SME’s Industry Yearbook series, focused on Aerospace & Defense, Motorized Vehicle, Energy and Medical manufacturing; and

•  Highlights from SME’s scholarly journals

The new website continues to offer popular features, such as specific channels covering key topics, including Machine Tools, Tooling & Workholding, Automation, Controls & Software, Quality & Metrology, and 3D Printing, as well as channels for specific industries, such as Aerospace & Defense and Motorized Vehicles.

The 30 Under 30 channel appeals directly to young professionals in manufacturing, or those considering a career in manufacturing, sharing their personal stories about career development and highlighting a broad range of career paths. A new Expert Opinions channel gives thought leaders a place to share ideas.

“With this new website, we are excited to connect our in-depth coverage of the manufacturing industry with a broad array of manufacturing professionals in North America and beyond,” said Sarah Webster, director of content and strategy at Advanced Manufacturing Media. “Our team of editors has a broad and deep understanding of manufacturing, as well as the skills, technologies and strategies that are necessary for success.”

The website logo is a large “M” with a wireless symbol emanating from the center — an image that captures the new digital era of manufacturing, in which machines, tools, manufacturers and their suppliers can communicate digitally with one another and share critical data to optimize performance. That symbol now serves as the icon for all of Advanced Manufacturing Media’s content on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

For advertisers, the new website is more SEO-friendly and will also offer new placement opportunities, including high-impact ad units in a streamlined responsive design that is easy to use on a variety of platforms, from desktops to tablets and smart phones. The site also offers several lead-generating tools, such as white paper downloads and webinars.

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