SMART Technologies' SynchronEyes Software now Compatible with Mobile Learning Devices

Version 7.0 of popular classroom management software supports one-to-one learning

Dubai, UAE, May 26, 2007 --- SMART Technologies Inc, the industry pioneer and global education market segment leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools, has announced that its SynchronEyes(TM) classroom management software 7.0, can now be used with any combination of desktop computers, wireless laptops or mobile devices to instruct, monitor and assess students in networked classrooms. Compatible with Microsoft's new Windows Vista(TM) operating system, SynchronEyes 7.0 is a significant upgrade that builds on the award-winning features of its predecessor. With version 7.0, teachers can log on to their network and connect quickly and easily with students using mobile devices (Windows Mobile®/CE 4.2 software or later). Another feature includes the option to import existing XML quiz bank files.

SynchronEyes software 7.0 gives teachers the flexibility to guide their students in technology-enriched learning environments where a variety of computing devices may be present. Teachers can keep students focused by monitoring applications and Internet usage and can quickly survey their students and view instant results. Version 7.0 is a secure classroom management software, with 256-bit encryption (as used in online banking), which helps to keep classroom content protected. The software also authenticates teachers to ensure no one else on the wireless network can take control of a class. Teachers can "pass the chalk" to a student who then leads the lesson, which provides an open forum for collaboration and gives students a sense of ownership in their education.

"One-to-one learning in today's 21st-century classroom is transforming the way instruction is delivered and students are educated," said Nancy Knowlton, SMART's CEO. "SynchronEyes classroom management software 7.0 is designed to ensure teachers have the tools they need to increase professional productivity, encourage greater collaboration and enrich classroom communication."

Maher Husseini, Director, Intmark Distribution said: "The compatibility of SynchronEyes software 7.0 with any combination of desktop computers and wireless laptops will be welcome news to the growing number of educational institutions in the Middle East who are adopting latest technologies in the classroom. We believe that one-to-one learning will get a further boost in the region now."

With the latest version of the SynchronEyes software, teachers can broadcast video to student computers simultaneously, using common media formats, including Windows Media player, MPEG, AVI and QuickTime application program. Teachers can also block specific software applications, including games and the Internet, for an individual student, groups or the whole class.

SMART Technologies Inc. is both the industry pioneer and global education market segment leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools. The award-winning SMART Board(TM) interactive whiteboard is the most widely installed interactive whiteboard in the world. Many school jurisdictions have standardized on the product, which is used to provide interactive learning opportunities and enhance student achievement. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is used to teach over 15 million students in more than 500,000 classrooms spanning every U.S. state, every Canadian province, every Local Authority in the UK and more than 100 countries worldwide. SMART products include interactive response systems, pen displays and digital signage as well as wireless slates and software. Using SMART products, teachers can access and share the information they need to improve student learning outcomes and streamline lesson planning. SMART's education customers include New York City Board of Education (U.S.), Oxford University (UK), Kobe City Board of Education (Japan), Barnier Public School (Australia), University of Ottawa (Canada), United World College (Singapore), Stephen-Hawking-Schule Neckargemuend (Germany), Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (U.S.) and Harvard University (U.S.).

SMART is a private company founded in 1987. Employing more than 1,000 people, SMART is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with assembly facilities in Ontario, and offices in Bonn, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York City, Chicago and Washington, DC. SMART has been issued and maintains a broad portfolio of patents with numerous U.S., Canadian and other patents pending. In 1992, SMART formed a strategic alliance with Intel® Corporation that resulted in joint product development and marketing efforts, and Intel's equity ownership in the company. SMART products are sold through dealers across North America and distributors worldwide. To learn more about SMART as a company as well as SMART products and programs visit and

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