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Smart Home Solution Makes Our Home Smarter

Intelligence is everywhere, from large shopping malls to public/private/government organizations, even at our homes. It is no longer a dream that people can have an smart home where they can be relieved from the fussy housework. Many household tasks were automated by the development of special appliances. For instance, automatic washing machines were developed to reduce the manual labor of cleaning clothes, and water heaters reduced the labor necessary for bathing. However, now we can go even further with NORCO all-in-one smart home solution, which helps realize the intelligent control of lighting, curtains, home environment, electronic appliances as well as the door access.

System Requirements

Smart home system consists of master control platform, network cabling system, panel PC, etc, to execute centralized control of all the household appliances, integrating home intelligence, information communication, consumer service and security monitoring all-in-one. System requires being stable, safe, reliable, efficient, intelligent and easy to operate and maintain. It also requires remote controlling of the system operation via computer terminals no matter the location.

A personalized system design meets all intelligent applications. System needs to realize:

o Visual intercom communications: With this function, homeowners can identify the visitors and enable the door sensor to control the access.

o Video surveillance and security: stable and durable with many protections against abrasion.

o Intelligent Lighting Control: flexible and personalized. Centralized control of room ights; remote control and scenario lighting control supported.

o Favored fashionable enclosure design, user-friendly interface, easy to operate.


To construct an efficient smart home solution based on the above requirements, System Integrator select NORCO's MITX-6870 motherboard to customize an embedded computer for this smart home system. This embedded PC is used as the master control platform of the whole system, adopting a favorable fanless enclosure design with excellent thermal performance. This platform is reliable with a high performance and rich I/O provides it flexible expansions, easy for integrating other external devices. Its VGA/LVDS dual independent display supports home theater system. 2*SATAII,1*CF and 1* SSD(optional) triple storage mode provides good compatibility for the system.

Product Features

o Based on Intel Pineview-M/D+ICH8M chipset, fanless design, onboard Intel Atom
N450/D410/D510 processor

o 1*240-Pin U-DIMM socket supports 2GB DDRII 533/667MHz memory with N450 and 2GB 667/800MHZ memory with D410/D510

o Support CRT/LVDS display output and dual independent display supported

o Provide SATA, CF and SSD triple storage mode

o Support one Realtek 8111D Gigabite Ethernet

o 8*USB2.0/6* COM /1*Mini PCIE/1*PCIEx4


Norco's fanless embedded PC, low power, superb compatibility, intelligent and human-centered design, is the ideal master control platform for a safe, comfortable, power-saving and personalized smart home solution. For more information, please visit

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