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Smart Heat Exchanger Increases Energy Efficiency Across Process Industries

Komax Systems is Working to Help Companies Meet Green Goals

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - It can be tough to enhance energy efficiency today, but thanks to their stunning heat exchanger technology, Komax Systems is doing just that. For a variety of process industries, the Komax Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger is the ideal way to be energy efficient.

What Does More Efficient Look Like?

Across industry lines, saving energy is a huge problem, and heat exchangers are designed to transfer heat as efficiently as possible, but they're not always quite as efficient as they could be. Komax Systems, though, has implemented state of the art technology to the world of heat exchangers, providing you with the best possible system in the industry.

"Our data has shown that Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger technology can mean a 300% increase in efficiency over the conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. That can translate to some real savings for the companies who install them," said Sameer Kshirsagar/Sr. Applications Specialist.

The results have been stunning too. In an installation in New Bedford, MA, the Komax Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger to heat 200 gpm of municipal sludge, FOG from 50F to 60.5F delivering 1.05 Million Btu/hr in recirculation using hot water.

Efficiency Everywhere!

While energy efficiency is always a real bonus for companies, the bigger bonus is often efficiency in other areas, including man hours. The Heat Exchanger helps to eliminate wall buildup, which means fewer breakdowns. It rarely requires cleaning, which can help ease a plant's maintenance schedule.

"Our Klean-Wall Heat Exchangers utilize the Komax patented Hi-Pass static mixing elements, providing a wall-to-wall radial transfer by eliminating corners that can trap solids or fibrous materials. Maintenance and/or cleaning costs are drastically reduced as a result of its self-cleaning action," Sameer Kshirsagar/Sr. Applications Specialist.

The Komax Klean Wall heat exchanger is the system that will improve energy efficiency as compared to other conventional tube in tube heat exchangers.

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