Siperian Launches 'Business Value' and 'Fast Start' Services; Enables Rapid Justification and Execution of Customer-Centric Master Data Management

New Siperian Business Value Services Enable Organizations to Quickly Build a Business Case for Addressing Master Data Management Issues, While Siperian Fast Start Service Delivers Accelerated Results From a Customer's MDM Investment

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 18 /- Siperian - a developer of an award-winning, adaptive platform for customer-centric master data management - today announced the immediate availability of three Business Value Services that help organizations identify and quantify the economic benefits of addressing data reliability and data integration issues as the first step in their roadmap to a solid master data management (MDM) strategy. Consisting of Data Lifecycle Audit, ROI, and Buy versus Build; Siperian Business Value Services provide rapid insight into an organization's data integration problems, expose the business benefits that could be realized by an effective customer-centric master data management solution, and include a detailed financial assessment to serve as the cornerstone of their business case. Additionally, Siperian's custom templates enable organizations to conduct a quick total cost of ownership comparison between buying and building a customer-centric MDM solution. In addition, the company also announced the immediate availability of the Siperian Fast Start Service, which is designed to get an organization's master data management strategy up and running quickly in order to deliver quantifiable benefits in a short time.

"Siperian understands that building a solid business case for customer- centric master data management is critical when seeking senior executive buy- in. Often, companies don't fully understand how much unreliable data can impact a company's bottom line by inhibiting critical business processes such as customer relationship management, compliance or back-office processes or they can't quantify the benefits to justify an investment," said Peter Caswell, president and CEO of Siperian. "With Siperian Business Value Services, we have successfully demonstrated to numerous customers the full economic cost and benefit of addressing these perennial master data management issues."

Siperian has helped numerous customers-across a variety of industries and in varying phases of roll-out-justify their project and begin upon a successful path to reliable master data management by helping them uncover hidden data integration issues, business values, and costs. More specifically, with its extensive industry experience and expertise, Siperian allows organizations to achieve their customer-centric master data management goals through the following Siperian Business Value Services:

o Data Lifecycle Audit Service
Data Lifecycle Audit Service can help organizations gain a solid
understanding of the state of their data, understand the immediate
and long-term benefits of instituting a data reliability initiative,
and have a clear understanding of how their business processes can
be substantially improved.

o ROI Service
Using the ROI Service, organizations can quantify the hard and soft
benefits they can achieve with a master data management initiative,
estimate the initial and ongoing investment needed to sustain such a
solution, build consensus between business teams and information
technology professionals, and more importantly, gain senior
management support.

o Buy versus Build Service
Buy versus Build Service can help organizations quantify the cost
difference between buying a customer-centric master data management
solution and building one themselves, and understand both the
initial and recurring cost requirements in order to secure executive
approval on the most effective approach.

Additionally, and to further demonstrate the value of an effective master data management solution, Siperian has also announced the immediate availability of the Siperian Fast Start Service. This program provides accelerated implementation, in only a few weeks, so customers can quickly realize the value of Siperian Hub(TM). With the Siperian Fast Start Service, customers can achieve demonstrable business value by enabling rapid identification or reconciliation of key customers, suppliers, employees, or organizations. Furthermore, Siperian's adaptive architecture allows customers to rapidly deploy Siperian Hub-cost-effectively and at a low risk-and know that they have made a secure IT investment that can evolve with their information technology or business needs.

About Siperian Inc.

Siperian Inc. offers an award-winning, adaptive platform for customer- centric data integration & management. With Siperian's metadata driven configurable architecture, organizations can rapidly adapt the award-winning Siperian Hub(TM) to a specific solution style; ensure that the solution coexists with multiple legacy hubs and external data sources; and then evolve the solution over time with additional capabilities or to new geographies and business units. Siperian is the only vendor to offer a set of proven solutions that can start small within a business unit to deliver rapid return on investment and then grow over time across the enterprise to become the master data management platform with data services for complete operational context with unified customer views - without locking the company into a single vendor's proprietary architecture. As a result, Siperian helps companies improve operational customer relationship management and analytical processes, as well as other business processes such as regulatory compliance, order-to-cash and new product launches - all at significantly lower total cost of ownership, faster time-to-value and demonstrably higher return on investment as compared to other alternatives. For further information, visit us on the Web at or call 1-866-SIPERIAN (1-866-747-3742).

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