Silicone Foam Material Samples Touch Brochure Now Available from Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

Stockwell Elastomerics now offers Silicone Foam materials that meet UL 94V-0 in six densities ranging from Ultra Soft to Extra Firm. These high performance materials are often provided cut-to-size or slit-to-width with acrylic or silicone polymer based pressure sensitive adhesive backings. A free Touch Brochure featuring these silicone foam products is now available online at:

Philadelphia, PA, - Stockwell Elastomerics announces the availability of their new Silicone Foam Touch Brochure that includes samples of six different silicone foam materials for tactile inspection. This brochure is created to assist designers and engineers specifying materials for gaskets, cushioning pads and custom components requiring the properties of silicone foams. All six silicone foam materials on the touch brochure are produced by Rogers High Performance Foams, and all are inventoried by Stockwell Elastomerics in quantities to support fast-turn production requirements often required by engineers and supply chains in the Technology Equipment sector.

All six of these silicone foam materials meet the UL 94V-0 flame rating and will provide long service life. This product family is one of the fastest growing material groups due to its performance over a broad temperature range and durability. Customers can request a free “Touch Brochure” with small samples of these silicone foam products to touch and feel the material. The Silicone Foam Touch Brochure can be requested online at:

“Silicone foam provides the designer a broad range of densities. This one- page silicone foam touch brochure with supporting compression force deflection data is a handy reference for designers and engineers – especially since we have seen our recently-issued Gasket Tape Touch Brochures pinned to the office walls of our customers,” said Stockwell Elastomerics’ President Bill Stockwell.

The silicone foam materials range from low density open cell foams to high density closed cell materials. Lower density silicone foams are used for air baffles, dust gaskets and cushioning pads. Medium to Extra Firm density silicone foams, with proper deflection, can seal out rain and withstands outdoor conditions.

BF-2000 Ultra Soft and BF-1000 Extra Soft Silicone Foam

BF-2000 ultra soft silicone foam is a light-weight open cell foam - the softest silicone product presently carried. BF-1000 extra soft silicone foam is another light-weight silicone foam that is firmer than BF-2000 and meets FAR 25.853. Applications for these materials include dust gaskets, air baffles and air diverters in electronic equipment where UL 94V-0 and long service life is needed. Neither of these open cell foam products are recommended for weather sealing due to the cell structure.

HT-870 Soft, HT-800 Medium, HT-820 Firm and HT-840 Extra Firm Silicone Foam

With proper deflection, each of these four silicone foam materials can perform as a weather seal and withstand outdoor conditions and temperature extremes. All are UL recognized in a number of files including UL 50 and UL 50E – making them good candidates for gasketing applications where long term performance is needed. This product family is frequently specified for sealing Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures, Telecommunications Base Stations and Outdoor Enclosures Protecting Sensitive Electronics from weather and moisture.

Stockwell Elastomerics applies a broad range of pressure sensitive acrylic and silicone polymer adhesives onto silicone foam materials. All of these silicone foam products can be die cut or water jet cut into custom gaskets and provided as slit-to-width roll materials with pressure sensitive adhesive.

About Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.

Stockwell Elastomerics’ core competence is the fabrication and molding of silicone rubber and similar high performance elastomers. On-site production capabilities include adhesive lamination, slitting, die cutting, water jet cutting and custom molding. Many Stockwell Elastomerics customers take advantage of water jet cutting for fast turn prototypes and initial production. Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc. is ISO9001- 2008 registered.

For complete information on silicone rubber products, custom fabrication and molding, or to request small sample material swatches, contact Stockwell Elastomerics directly by phone at (215) 335-3005 or via the website at


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