SIL-2 Compliant Level Switch Supports Storage Tank Monitoring Applications

Ideal for Chemical, Electric Power, Oil/Gas Refining, Pharmaceutical, Water Storage, Food and Beverage, Aviation, and More

San Marcos, CA-April 22, 2009-Process and plant engineers responsible for monitoring storage tanks required for critical operations or those located in hazardous environments will find the FLT93 Tank Level Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) is now rated for Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 compliant service.

FCI's SIL-2 compliance rating for the FLT93 Tank Level Switch has been documented in a failure analysis report with FMEDA techniques by the testing laboratory TUV NORD CERT GmbH. The FLT93 Tank Level Switch has been classified as a Type A subsystem in accordance to IEC 61508-1 with a hardware failure tolerance of 0. The Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) meets SIL-2 capability standards.

FCI's FLT93 Tank Level Switch has an unmatched industry record of superior performance and reliability in rugged industries that include chemical processing, oil/gas refining, nuclear power and more. Depending on the model chosen, the FLT93 measures tank level or interface up to ±0.1 inch (±2.5 mm) accuracy with a repeatability of ±0.05 inch (±1.3 mm). It operates within temperatures from -100ºF to 500ºF (-73ºC to 260ºC) and has been hydrostatically proof pressure tested to 3500 psig [240 bar (g)]

A wide selection of standard and custom process connections can be provided. The electronic control circuit can be integrally-mounted with the sensing element, or it can be located in a remote location. The standard enclosure is made from a coated aluminum alloy. It is suitable for use in hazardous (FM, CSA, and ATEX classified) locations and is rated for NEMA Type 4X (IP66) environments. The FLT93 Tank Level Switch comes with a three-year warranty.

For process and plant engineers in all industries, safety considerations for people and facilities are a crucial factor when specifying process technologies. SIL ratings provide a key assurance of confidence that the safety rated equipment has been tested and shown to prevent dangerous failures and to control them in the event they occur. FCI's new SIL-2 safety compliance assures its customers that the third-party testing organization (TUV NORD) has tested the FLT93 Tank Level Switch and when the product is in use, the process risk is reduced to the designated level. FCI's customers can rely on the company to continually improve the safety and reliability of all of its solutions.

The versatile FLT93 Switch Series features a unique FlexSwitch® design that can also monitor flow and temperature. The advanced FLT Switch reliably monitors the flow, level and interface of liquids, gases, slurries, syrups, lubricants, coolants and more.

FCI's advanced thermal mass flow switches and flow meters are recognized worldwide for their precision flow measurement, high reliability in rugged operating conditions, low maintenance, long-life and low cost-of-ownership. Their highly intelligent microprocessor-based designs feature a no-moving parts thermal mass flow sensor, which makes them ideal for a broad range of industries including: chemical, energy and power, food/beverage, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater treatment and more.

Fluid Components International is a global company committed to meeting the needs of its customers through innovative solutions to the most challenging requirements for sensing, measuring and controlling flow and level of air, gases and liquids.

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