Signal Level Meter with Peak-Hold Function

Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( has recommends its handheld signal level meter which is widely favored by professionals in the CATV industry. It conducts C/N measurements, spectrum analysis, auto testing and data logging. This signal meter effectively tests analog channels, digital channels (QAM) and FM channels with high accuracy.

This high performance signal level meter, model A0500016, features FCC standard limit testing, transmission and reflectivity characteristic testing and automatic timing measurements. The meter provides such key functions as measuring and displaying the amplitude at a specific frequency or any carrier as defined by the user. It operates at two optional frequency ranges: 46MHz to 870MHz and 5MHz to 870MHz. The meter has an interface for connection with a computer or a printer. Its peak-hold level measurement function allows it to detect the occasional fluctuation efficiently and accurately in either LEVEL or SPECTRUM mode.

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