Siemens Water Technologies Awarded Two Projects for Trident® HS Multi-Barrier Treatment Design

Warrendale, Pa., August 18, 2006 -- The City of Versailles, Indiana and the City of Bloomfield, New Mexico have chosen Siemens Water Technologies to provide the innovative Trident® HS packaged treatment system. Introduced in June 2005, the Trident HS incorporates two-stage clarification, filtration and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection in a single treatment system. The multi-barrier design was developed to consistently meet current and future regulations by producing high quality water under variable or high solids loads.

The City of Versailles chose a Trident HS system to replace its older, more conventional Microfloc Aquarius® system, which was in need of repairing and upgrading to improve Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal. Field demonstrations of the Trident HS system have shown a 50 percent increase in TOC removal while reducing waste by 50 percent or more when compared to other single clarifier package treatment units. The City's consultant, R.E. Curry & Associates, Inc., evaluated an extensive rehabilitation program to convert the Aquarius units to the Trident HS design versus a complete system replacement that included new stainless steel tanks. The City elected to go with the complete replacement when it considered the long-term benefits of new corrosion-resistant tanks.

"The Trident HS provided the treatment technology to improve TOC reduction when compared to the existing treatment equipment," says R.E. Curry engineer Lori Young. "A new system constructed of stainless steel was also appealing, since the original steel package plant was experiencing significant corrosion".

The 700-gpm two-tank system is scheduled for delivery in August 2006. System installation will be performed in stages to allow treatment to remain in place during the construction project.

The City of Bloomfield chose a 2,100-gpm two-tank Trident HS system to replace a poorly performing conventional treatment system. The Trident HS system will treat water from the San Juan River, which experiences severe turbidity spikes after rain storms. The City chose the Trident HS partly because of its demonstrated ability to handle variable influent solids loads. The city also selected the Trident system because it could be delivered and installed quickly. Before recommending that the City purchase the Trident HS system, consultant CH2M Hill evaluated both conventional and membrane solutions.

Says Brock McEwen, CH2M Hill Project Manager, "There were two major reasons we chose the Trident HS system: It could effectively treat this water and Siemens Water Technologies could rapidly deliver this solution to the City of Bloomfield."

The equipment will be delivered approximately three months after the order is placed, roughly half the standard delivery period, to meet the project schedule.

Trident HS systems are the latest in the Microfloc line of packaged treatment systems. Siemens Water Technologies is a leading supplier of continuously evolving drinking water technologies in conventional treatment and membrane filtration. The cornerstones of Siemens' conventional treatment technologies include industry best brands like General Filter and Microfloc® offering innovative treatment solutions. The Siemens Memcor® product line leads the membrane filtration technology market with the industry's first low-pressure membrane drinking water system, introduced in 1987. Global research and development centers continue the Siemens tradition of product innovation and customer commitment.

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