Siemens SGT-400 with New Standard Package - One Million Hours in Commercial Operation

The latest SGT-400 of the Siemens Energy gas turbine fleet, redesigned and optimized in a new standard package, is now supplying independent power and process heat to meet the needs of one of Europe's largest wastewater treatment plants, the island-based installation at Psyttalia off the coast of Athens, Greece. Additionally the SGT-400 gas turbine fleet has achieved 1,000,000 hours of commercial operation, confirming the SGT-400 as a well proven machine.

Factory-packaged power-plants designed and engineered on the basis of the long-established SGT-400 industrial gas turbine are for reliable operation in critical applications. The new package design allows for control solutions to be tailored to suit customers' specific requirements. It is publicized externally around four major improvements, from the reduction of customer interfaces, improving the product reliability, increasing the Siemens content through to reducing the lead time, all delivered without changing the proven functionality of all systems.The new SGT-400 package underwent a type test in the Lincoln facility in January and February 2008. Ten of these packages have now been shipped or are in production. The SGT-400 is the first of the industrial gas turbines to use the improved package design. The SGT-300 will use the same package.

The reliability of the SGT-400 gas turbine can be illustrated by the fact that the fleet has achieved 1,000,000 hours of commercial operation. Additionally, individual lead units of the SGT-400 have completed more than 73,000 hours at a refinery providing heat and power, equivalent to 8½ years of continuous operation.With a terminal power rating of 12.9 Megawatts (MW) for electrical generation, and a shaft output power of 13.4 MW for mechanical drive, the two-shaft SGT-400 is the highest efficiency gas turbine core in its class with 36.2 percent efficiency at shaft output, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. The SGT-400 is a compact and reliable prime mover for a wide range of applications. Utilization of the exhaust heat in cogeneration applications has demonstrated total energy efficiency levels of 87 percent. Dry Low Emissions technology is fitted as a standard option, controlling NOx emissions on gas and liquid fuels. Currently 153 units have been sold to 27 countries.


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