Sielox Improves Unique 'No End of Life' Access Controller with New Features and Integrations

Includes “Two Man Rule” Feature and Greater Functionality with Schlage Locks

Las Vegas, NV – Sielox, an industry leader in integrated access control and emergency response technologies, is showcasing its unique “no end of life” Sielox 1700 Controller this week at ISC West 2016 (booth #11109). New features include support for two-man rule and privileged access functions, as well as enhanced support for Schlage® AD 300 Series electronic locks, and AD 400 and NDE Series wireless locks. These improvements and real-time access control integrations further increase the1700 Controller’s versatility and functionality.

“We are continually enhancing and improving our products to ensure that Sielox continues to deliver the best solutions for our customers’ access control needs,” said Karen Evans, CEO and President, Sielox. “The Sielox 1700 Controller is a perfect example, as we continue to evolve this innovative solution with new features and integrations.”

For high security applications, the Sielox 1700 Controller now supports the two-man rule which requires two valid and different cards to be presented within six seconds of each other before the door is unlocked. A Privileged Access Level feature has also been that expands the current privilege code capabilities to restrict access to all cardholders in a lockdown and block situation except to first responders and authorized personnel that are assigned to one of the 16 privileged access levels.

In addition to its compatibility with a wide range of locking systems, the Sielox 1700 now supports more functionality for Schlage AD and NDE locks. This includes schedule based door position scheduled status reporting, software or input triggered emergency lock-down, and battery status alerts. Deadbolt position monitoring and lock privacy mode for Schlage AD Locks. Time saving enhancements have been added to 1700 configuration page enabling the ability to remotely link and unlink AD400 and NDE locks to their respective PIM’s and Gateways.

The Sielox1700 Controller now also supports the aptiQ magnetic stripe readers, models MTMS15 and MTMSK15.

The Sielox 1700 Controller features on-board Ethernet to bring true IP connectivity all the way to the processor. Unlike competitor offerings, this approach removes the restrictions of low-speed converters and adapters to support communication at standard IP speeds. Additional features include fieldreplaceable socketed relays, which reduce the cost and time of repairs by allowing instant replacement of the failed components.

Because the Sielox 1700 Controller has been uniquely designed with all logic built into its field-programmable processor, it allows for fast design changes to accommodate new features and enables easy field updates. As a result, the 1700 has no estimated end-of-life. A built-in SD card stores a backup of all configuration data, install manual, wiring diagrams, and tech notes putting information in the hands of the technician and allowing for instant recovery and control in the event of a failure.

Made in the USA, the 1700 is FIPS 201 compliant for federal applications.

For more information about Sielox, visit, email or call toll free 800-424-2126.

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