Shrek the Musical Europe Tour uses Custom Theater Products from ETS

FREMONT, California – ETS, the Silicon Valley-based designer and manufacturer of baluns, balun panels, and related audio/video devices, announces a line of Custom Theater Products targeted at the special challenges faced by touring productions.

Company CEO Trudy Andresen notes that, "Traveling versions of Broadway shows face special time restrictions with regard to build-in and pack-out. Limited time for change of venue means crews must not only quickly install complex stage sets, but troubleshoot as well."

To that end, ETS has launched a line of Custom Theater Products designed to simplify set-up and troubleshooting. Multitudes of short jumper cables are eliminated and the sturdy three-foot pigtails enable crews to access the mixer without the need for additional microphone cables, thereby saving time and expense. Significantly, Cat5 or Cat6 cable is far less expensive and much lighter in weight than the coax previously used for video.

Ms. Andresen added that overall sales of the theater product group have been especially brisk this season. "This year, a wealth of new productions is breaking attendance records, and we're likewise setting new sales records in these innovative theater products."

"We've always aimed for products exceeding specifications, and the Broadway producers and technicians we work with are impressed by the ease of use and the overall dependability of our audio and video hardware. We are seeing very strong seasonal sales."

ETS East Coast representative Shannon Slaton has been instrumental in offering suggestions not only for product improvement, but the design and manufacturing of entirely new products such as the AES/EBU Splitter Panels or the industry-unique totally passive InstaMusician™ Balun.

Mr. Slaton stated that "ETS is always listening to the feedback coming from field installers, and their open-door policy often generates new designs like their Custom Theater Products."

Contact: Joe Rosenberger, VP Marketing Sales


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