SHL's Occupational Personality Questionnaire Scores Top Marks in BPS Test Evaluation

London, 5th February 2007: SHL, a leading global provider of psychometric tests and expert consultancy services has received an outstanding review for its latest Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) from the British Psychological Society (BPS). The UK's leading professional psychological association has pronounced SHL's personality test 'at the top of the first rank of personality tests'.

For HR professionals psychometric tests have increasingly become an invaluable tool to overcome the many challenges their roles involve. These tests can be used to ensure objective assessment of a candidate or employee in a variety of situations including recruitment, promotion, development and team building. SHL's OPQ is the most widely used psychometric measure in the world today and is recognised for providing objective, detailed information about an individual's predicted behaviours in the work place; how they will fit into a work environment, work with others and what roles they are most suited to.

With a growing number of test providers to choose from and a proven increase in the industries' understanding and use of psychometric tools, this BPS evaluation awards SHL's OPQ the highest possible ratings for quality and high ratings for its reliability and validity. SHL has long been a pioneer of objective assessment in the workplace, continually enabling organisations to save time and money, while improving the productivity of their employees at every level. It is the scientifically validated process of research, analysis and review that differentiates SHL and its products.

The BPS evaluation emphasises that 'the OPQ32 has an international reach that is important to multinational organisations', available in over 30 languages to an 'unrivalled range of countries and groups', is 'superbly presented, 'well written and easy to understand'.

SHL's international research director Dave Bartram speaks for SHL: "As the leading global provider of workplace assessment, we believe that it is essential for our products to undergo rigorous internal and external evaluation. Therefore, we are very excited about the BPS evaluation as it recognises the high quality of the OPQ. A great deal of research lies behind the development of this product and has resulted in a valuable tool that will allow HR professionals all over the world to recruit and manage talent in the most effective way."

As a result of meticulous analysis by two independent expert reviewers, the BPS evaluation concludes that the 'OPQ32 is a high quality instrument which is specifically designed to be reliable, valid and fair for most ethical occupational uses in the world of work in the 21st Century.'

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