Sharp Highlights Industrial and Signage Application Displays at Society for Information Display International Symposium Seminar and Exhibition

Latest Technologies and Breadth of Product Offerings Shown

CAMAS, Wash. - May 16, 2007 - At the upcoming Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium Seminar and Exhibition, Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas will showcase its latest product offerings and technologies including those designed specifically for industrial and signage solutions. Sharp will emphasize its Strong 2 performance standards, recently introduced large-format LCD panels - including the new 65-inch portrait-oriented display - as well as the breadth of Sharp's other industrial display products.

With demand increasing for quality displays in the digital signage market - which includes diverse environments such as airports, train stations, malls, and casinos - Sharp is working to introduce larger-format panels that offer high-brightness, high-contrast, and fast response times, while also providing customers peace of mind that they will work in extreme environments and operate at reduced costs when compared to traditional displays.

Sharp industrial displays are designed for a range of uses including medical equipment, test and measurement equipment, ATMs, retail and industrial applications where exposure to extreme temperatures and environments is unavoidable. The displays often offer high-resolution, wide viewing angle, long-lasting design elements, and improved performance over competing products and technologies.

With Strong 2, Sharp has set a performance standard for its Industrial Amorphous Silicon Liquid Crystal Displays (a-Si LCDs). With this standard, Sharp gives customers assurance that the displays meet greater performance standards in brightness, contrast, temperature range, plus shock and vibration resistance. Strong 2 displays also can provide customers with the additional benefit of cost savings. Designers and engineers in most instances can quickly and easily integrate a Strong 2 display into their design without added modifications or enhancements - they don't have to adapt a consumer display to an industrial environment.

Sharp's Strong 2 Performance Criteria:

o Brightness - Displays offer 400 nits of brightness at the outset which allows brightness to be maintained even after integrating a touch screen.

o Contrast - High contrast ratios (600:1) mean clearer images and more vivid display colors.

o Wide temperature range - Displays can operate in extreme temperatures (-30°C to +80°C). There is less need for elaborate enclosures incorporating extraordinary heating or cooling methods with fans and filters. The displays offer lower servicing costs and can be designed into a wider range of devices for use in a variety of environments from extreme to sensitive.

Resistance to shock and vibration - Displays are 1.5G certified, requiring less cushioning to pass stringent environmental-use tests, making them ideal for harsh environments.

"Our goal at SID is to illustrate the diversity, innovation, and flexibility of the products we offer," stated Kraig Kawada, Senior Director, LCD Business Unit. "From the smallest to the largest LCD modules, we know that our customers can rely on the proven specifications and exacting performance standards they have come to trust from Sharp," he added.

Among the over forty LCDs that Sharp will feature May 20-25, 2007 at the Society for Information Display International Symposium Seminar and Exhibition, Sharp will introduce the following key products to expand its digital signage, Strong 2, and industrial offerings:

Sharp LK645D3LZ2U - 65-inch portrait display

The Sharp LK645D3LZ2U is a portrait-oriented 65-inch LCD for use in the digital signage market. The large-format display was built specifically for vertical operation, giving it reliability advantages over landscape displays simply mounted vertically.

Sharp LK460D3LZ19 - 46-inch display

The Sharp LK460D3LZ19 is a 46-inch LCD panel module that demonstrates Sharp's commitment to delivering best-in-class products for the digital signage market. This display is suitable for electronic signage applications, such as those commonly found in airports, train stations, malls, gaming facilities, and retail environments.

Sharp LQ075V3DG01 - 7.5-inch Strong 2 display

The Sharp LQ075V3DG01 is a 7.5-inch Strong 2 LCD designed for marine and navigation systems, portable data terminals, mobile gaming applications, and factory automation. This VGA panel delivers the performance characteristics that are standard for Strong 2 displays - including brightness, contrast, temperature, and ruggedness. The display also offers a wide viewing angle, anti-glare filter.

Sharp LQ043T1DG01 - 4.3-inch display

The Sharp LQ043T1DG01 is a 4.3-inch LCD designed for mobile and portable-use applications. The LQ043T1DG01 is a highly-integrated display with touch panel that delivers superior performance in brightness, contrast, wide viewing angle, and operates over a wide temperature range; all while conserving power.

About Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas, in Camas, Washington, is the microelectronics sales and marketing division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sharp Corporation. Sharp Corporation is a worldwide developer of innovative technologies that are leading the next generation of electronic products for consumer and business markets. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas offers forward-thinking LCD, Optoelectronics, Memory, Imager, and RF/IR components. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas offers these products along with packaging and integration skills that help design engineers throughout North and South America bring their aspirations to market. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas is dedicated to improving people's lives through the use of advanced technology and a commitment to quality, value, and design. For more information, visit

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