Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) Begins Shipping Tuff-Hinge Composite Poles

Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) Shakespeare has begun shipping its new Tuff-Hinge Composite poles, designed for easy servicing of luminaires without lifts or trucks.

The Tuff-Hinge poles lay a Tuff-Pole® on the ground when you need to re-lamp or perform other service, and raise it when the work is done, all without lifts or trucks. A four-foot Direct Burial portion of the pole is embedded into the ground, leaving Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) innovative hinged base at ground level. Made of 356-T6 aluminum and bonded to the pole's two sections, the hinge uses a stainless steel hinge pin. The top portion is an "O" series composite Tuff-Pole®, one of the company's most popular styles for strength and good looks. The lightweight composite pole simply tilts over, all the way to the ground, for relamping or other luminaire service. In its vertical position, the Tuff-Hinge pole is secured by a pentagonal head bolt. For tamper resistance, the bolt's head is recessed into the casting, and a padlock tab is provided.

Tuff-Hinge poles makes it simple and inexpensive to service luminaires where bucket trucks or other lifting equipment could damage the landscaping, lawns, or other surroundings. Less climbing, too, means less liability for injury on account of falls.

The product of the newest technologies in fiberglass and resin systems, along with advanced manufacturing process controls, all Tuff-Poles® are engineered with new resin mixes and fiberglass configurations and automated process controls to tighten manufacturing tolerances and quality control. They employ advanced UV inhibitors and coatings that provide even longer lasting protection in extreme weather, and composite poles cannot rust or rot - perfect for outdoor pole applications.

Tuff-Hinge poles are available in natural or smooth finish, and in an array of color standards. Pigments are formulated into the resins for long lasting color retention and virtually no maintenance. The poles are available up to 20 feet mounting height. The 20-foot hinged pole has a 6.6 EPA maximum load rating at 80 mph.

Shakespeare's new Tuff-Hinge poles were exhibited at the 1999 NECA Show, and selected by a committee of electrical contractors to receive a NECA Showstopper Award. The honor is given to only 25 of the thousands of products displayed at the show.
Now a division of GenlyteThomas Group (Louisville, KY), Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) has since the 1950's pioneered the use of fiberglass reinforced composites in lighting and utility poles. The company is the world leader in fiberglass reinforced composite utility poles.

Shakespeare Composite Structures(TM) is on the World Wide Web at For more information, just call. (800-800-9008).

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