Sescoi's Latest CADCAM and ERP Productivity Tools at Industrie 2011

Industrie Lyon 2011 is France's premier exhibition for advanced technology with over 800 exhibitors. Sescoi will be presenting the full range of its automated productivity software in Hall 6, on Stand D68. This will include the latest version of its flagship CADCAM system WorkNC V21; the launch of Auto WorkNC CAM software for families of parts; the French launch of the new WorkNC Dental Implantology and Dental Automation modules; preview of version 4 of MyWorkPLAN job management; and the latest enhancements to its WorkXPlore 3D high speed viewer.

WorkNC V21 is now 64bit, with parallel processing capabilities which reduces calculation and programming times to as little as a tenth of what was previously possible. The simultaneous calculation of several threads is extremely effective on complex parts, enabling users to create highly optimized machining operations while still reducing program preparation times. The new high speed Global Finishing toolpaths combine Z-Level Finishing and Optimized Z-Level Finishing into a single climb milling operation. This produces improved cutting conditions and surface quality, eliminates duplicate and wasted movements, and results in faster machining operations and simplified programming. Further improvements include the automated machining of undercut conditions, support for conical tools and the rationalisation of the software's 5-axis toolpaths, enhancing WorkNC's position as the premier automated CAM package.

Visitors to the Sescoi booth will be able to examine numerous showcase parts machined with WorkNC, including the much travelled 'Robot Head', well known to WorkNC's Facebook fans.

For similar parts, Sescoi has developed a new module, Auto WorkNC, which enables families of parts such as electrodes to be programmed in three easy steps. The new software, takes a master program and applies it to a new 3D model. The programmer simply has to prepare the CAD data, select the machine and material and apply the toolpaths, producing a new finished, reliable, and collision free toolpath in just a few minutes. Demonstrations of the software at the show will illustrate the speed of programming and the reliability of the cutterpaths on the most complex shapes, including those which require 5-axis machining.

Sescoi has been collaborating with a wide range of dental partners in the development of its open WorkNC Dental software. Industrie will be the first showing in France of the company's new WorkNC Dental Implantology and Automation modules, which further extend the capabilities of the system for dental professionals. The Implantology module accurately detects the 3D orientation of each implant, ensuring that the holes in the crown or bridge align perfectly. The software also automatically interprets the geometry of the prosthesis and margin line, producing high quality reconstructions which are easy to fit and which will enhance patient satisfaction levels, in a full range of dental materials including titanium, chrome-cobalt, zirconia, lithium disilicate, E-max and PMMA. A demonstration and live cutting will show how the complete system operates, starting with a Dental Wings scanner and finishing with machining on a Witech Mic5 5-axis machine tool.

The WorkNC Dental Automation module turns prosthesis manufacture into a continuous unmanned process by allowing technicians to schedule and queue a series of jobs, allocating them automatically to the next available pallet on the machine tool through a direct connection with the machine's control unit.

For users of wire EDM and die sinking machines, visitors will be able to see both the WorkNC Electrode and WorkNC Wire EDM systems. The electrode software makes it easy to extract 3D geometry from a model, allocate a suitable holder, machine the electrode and ensure its accurate positioning for the die sinking operation. The wire EDM system includes features for tagging, slug removal and control of 4-axis wire moves as well as checks for maximum wire angle errors to make sure the part is manufacturable.

Version 4 of MyWorkPLAN, Sescoi's job management software for custom manufacturers is previewed at Industrie 2011. The new version includes new capabilities for customer relationship management (CRM), to handle pre-sale processes, customer follow-up and marketing campaigns. By managing sales opportunities, the CRM system helps companies to manage prospects and forecast sales values and probabilities more effectively. Analysis can show the current situation for each sales person and each industry sector. The system also allows managers and sales people to see the past and future activities for each potential customer and view the collated documents related to each sales process. Once the enquiry becomes an order, documentation is automatically passed to MyWorkPLAN's manufacturing module, providing engineers with a complete history of the project, enabling them to manage production and on time delivery, greatly improving the overall service provided to each customer.

The new timeline graphical feature in Version 4 of MyWorkPLAN allows the user to quickly find any document linked to a customer or project, and with a simple drag&drop the user can open the Easyview tree displaying the object linked to that document. Version 4 also includes new analyses graphs with a modern look & feel, plus new functions for companies who manufacture both the tool and the related serial parts (injection, stamping, etc...).

Version 2 of WorkXplore 3D, Sescoi's collaborative high speed view mark-up and analysis software, will be on show at the exhibition. The software encourages data sharing and feedback throughout a supply chain, in a low cost system which encourages concurrent working. All Nippon Airways selected WorkXplore 3D to share design data for maintaining its fleet of 787 Dreamliners in Japan, picking it for its speed and lightweight format which suited it ideally for its PC network. New at the show will be WorkXplore 3D's WorkZone Manager Light functionality, which enables users to obtain information about toolpaths created in WorkNC and geometric tolerancing and dimensioning information from CATIA V5.

Visitors to Industrie can learn how to transform their productivity in one visit to Sescoi's booth, and if that is not enough of a reason to call in, the company is offering free entry into a competition to win an experience gift box.


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