Servometer Releases Design Steps for Metal Bellows Assemblies

Cedar Grove, NJ USA

In order to assist engineers with the design requirements of bellows assemblies, Servometer has released a brief twelve step process as a guide. With many variables impacting the movement of a bellows, understanding all variables creates the opportunity to produce the optimal end product design.

Stress modes and flexing include the variables that could bend, torque, extend, compress, or move the bellows in different directions. While a bellows can handle multiple types of stress, the combination of the variables can affect the cycle life of the unit. Shock and vibration can also influence the design of a bellows, depending on its frequency.

Internal and external pressure and the differential pressure between them are also critical to the design of the bellows. Because bellows are pressure responsive devices, the amount of pressure can impact variables such as the wall thickness, stroke length, and cycle life. Along with pressure, comes temperature and media. The ambient temperature and operating temperature are critical to the survivability of the bellows. The liquid or gas being measured should also be specified to ensure media compatibility with the bellows.

Rigid stops can be added to a bellows assembly in order to limit the compression or extension to increase cycle life and overall capability. Defining the spring rate, or amount of force to flex the bellows, will assist with the expected life cycle, which can be one-time use to infinite life.

The size and constraints should be defined by customers. The geometric constraints can limit the size of the assembly at the sacrifice of other performance specifications. The ends can be prepared for welding, soldering, open or closed in order to integrate the bellows into the system.

Formulas are available to calculate the different variables on the Servometer website.
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About Servometer
Since 1957, Servometer has pioneered the manufacture of electrodeposited miniature metal bellows, bellows assemblies, contact springs, flexible shaft couplings and structurally rigid electroforms. Servometer miniature bellows are used in a variety of critical applications where high reliability and long-term use are required. Servometer has supported customers with quality products and technical service for over 50 years. Their unique, patented electrodeposition process has led Servometer to become the leading supplier of miniature metal bellows manufactured by this method. In 2007, Servometer acquired BellowsTech, Inc. of Ormond Beach, Florida, creating BellowsTech, LLC, a premier manufacturer of metal edge welded bellows and assemblies, encompassing a wide array of alloys and dimensional configurations. The flexibility of material and size of metal welded bellows, as well as application expertise, have led BellowsTech into a diversity of industries including aerospace, medical, test, semiconductor, solar, and oil and gas.

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