SERAPID Stage Lift Replaces Hydraulic Stage Lift at the Townsend Center at the University of West Georgia

SERAPID, Inc recently replaced an existing hydraulic stage lift system at the Townsend Center at the University of West Georgia.

A four-column SERAPID LinkLift system was installed in place of the hydraulic system at the Townsend Center, which houses the Theatre and Music Departments for the university. The new Serapid lift allows the theatre to be configured for a proscenium stage or orchestra pit.

The lifts are comprised of SERAPID LinkLift columns, which feature square links that work like building blocks to form a tower stack. The shape and locking technique make it capable of extra-high rigidity and strength.

Since LinkLift lift columns are entirely mechanical, it frees users from the common maintenance and leakage issues associated with other systems - such as hydraulics or screw jacks.

SERAPID is a leader in stage, orchestra and piano lifts. Their LinkLift Lift Columns are installed in theaters, show venues and concert halls all over the world.

For more information, contact SERAPID at 800-663-4514 (toll-free), 586-274-0774 (direct) or visit us on the web:

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