Serapid Mechanical Linear Actuators Installed at Sears Tower

Sterling Heights, Mich: SERAPID, Inc is part of the Sears Tower renovation project opening to the public Thursday, July 2. The new "Sears Tower Ledge" allows visitors to step out over the edge of the building (some 103 stories) above the busy streets of Chicago.

The four observation ledges are pushed out approximately 4 feet with SERAPID LinearBeam mechanical linear actuator systems. The systems operate with SERAPID's patented Rigid Chain Technology. The Rigid Chain is a mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and forms a steel beam in the other direction..

SERAPID systems are known for their strength and reliability. They have proven themselves in the most demanding industrial applications where exposure to heat, contamination and debris are key factors.

SERPAID officials comment, "SERAPID is proud to prove the strength and reliability of their products showcased in the Sears Tower. This is the perfect venue to showcase our cutting-edge linear transfer technology, our engineering expertise and our commitment to customer service."

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