SEPAWA Congress 2006: WACKER SILICONES Presents Novel Silicone Emulsion for Impregnants and Innovative Additives for the Cosmetic Industry

Munich, October 11, 2006 - At the 53rd SEPAWA Congress, from October 11-13 in Würzburg, Germany, WACKER SILICONES will be presenting a novel silicone emulsion which for the first time enables the manufacture of highly effective water-based silicone impregnants for various household care applications. The product does not use emulsifiers, thereby blazing the trail to a new generation of water-based impregnants.

These impart a markedly hydrophobic (e.g. water-repellent) surface to textiles, wood and leather. A particularly interesting household application for emulsifier-free silicone impregnants is the refreshing of textile impregnations in the washing machine's rinse cycle. For cosmetic applications, the spotlight is on newly developed silicone waxes for conditioners and silicone elastomer gels in powder form.

Previously, water-based systems and good hydrophobation were considered incompatible. The reason for the relatively poor hydrophobic effect of this system is the reliance on emulsifiers as stabilizers. They remain in the impregnant film, significantly impairing its hydrophobic effect. This contradiction has been solved via WACKER's novel emulsifier-free product WACKER® HC 303 VP. It provides an uncompromised silicone film that completely repels water and other aqueous liquids such as red wine and coffee.

WACKER® HC 303 VP is a clear, colorless and odorless, low-viscosity oil-in-water microemulsion which can be easily processed into finished impregnants. Following application to the impregnating surface, a silicone film forms - already at room temperature - and bonds to the substrate.

WACKER® HC 303 VP is particularly suitable for the production of impregnations applied to textiles in the washing machine. Impreg-nations based on this novel product can be added during the washing machine's rinse cycle (directly after the wash cycle) instead of a softener. This way, textiles can be imparted with water-repellent impregnation - without requiring additional consumer time and effort. For other porous surfaces, the impregnant is applied as a pump spray or via brush, rag or sponge. To impregnate suede and wood, the modified product WACKER® HC 304 VP is available.

Silicone Waxes for Hair Care Products
WACKER will also be using the SEPAWA to present novel alkyl-modified silicone waxes for the formulation of shampoos and conditioners. Lab tests show that silicone wax gels, such as Wacker-Belsil® CDM 3526 VP or high-melting Wacker-Belsil® CM 7026 VP, greatly enhance the combability of both wet and dry hair. Plus, silicone waxes lend hair more volume and a softer feel.

Thanks to their huge versatility and numerous positive properties, silicone waxes from WACKER SILICONES improve not only the characteristics of shampoos and conditioners, but also those of sunscreen creams, lipsticks, foundation and mascara. Silicone wax gel CDM 3526 VP, for example, greatly enhances the spreading of oil constituents in skin-care products. So, the emulsion spreads better over your skin, producing a pleasantly light and soft sensation. Additionally, the formation of occlusive films enables silicone waxes to reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL), thereby stopping the skin from drying out. In decorative cosmetics, silicone waxes in lipsticks and foundation ensure that the colored pigments used are reliably held in place.

Water and Transfer Resistance: Wacker-Belsil® RG 100
Wacker-Belsil® RG 100 and Wacker-Belsil® RPG 33 silicone elastomer gels are another product highspot. Wacker-Belsil® RG 100 is a colorless, translucent gel with excellent water and transfer resistance. Good film formation on the skin is obtained by a polymer content of 20 %. Wacker-Belsil® RG 100 spreads easily and produces a very pleasant, silky feel on the skin.

The water resistance of Wacker-Belsil® RG 100 makes it ideal for sunscreen products, lipsticks, foundation and creams, especially if they are intended to confer a pleasant skin sensation and long-lasting protection. The product's viscosity can be reduced by shear force; after the shear process, viscosity returns to its original value and the gel structure is restored.

Combined Gel and Powder: Wacker-Belsil® RPG 33
An innovative variation on Wacker-Belsil® RG 100 is Wacker-Belsil® RPG 33. Although its structure and properties are similar to those of Wacker Belsil® RG 100, it comes in powder form. This is made possible by the additional olefin side chains on the silicone backbone. These chains lend the product its characteristic consistency. WACKER thus offers a powder gel that can be used in loose or pressed powder applications such as rouge or eyeshadow. Wacker-Belsil® RPG 33 spreads easily and gives your skin the soft feel typical of silicone. This breakthrough product is used not only in powders, but also in skin-care and sunscreen applications.
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