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Sentry Electric's Led Luminaires and Bollards Light up Sacred Heart Academy

Press release date: Nov 16, 2012

FREEPORT, NY, - Sentry Electric, one of North America's most experienced and knowledgeable manufacturers of outdoor lighting, has provided Sacred Heart Academy of Hempstead, NY with LED luminaires and bollards for its entire campus. In total, 35 single and multi-head poles and 50 bollards provide Sacred Heart students, families, and faculty with a lighting package that improves safety, saves energy, reduces maintenance, and helps beautify the school's grounds.

Working in conjunction with school personnel and Cameron Engineering of Woodbury, NY, Sentry devised a comprehensive lighting plan for several types of areas including the driveway, parking area, student drop-off area, and various pathways. To provide suitable light levels and uniformity, single-head, double-head, and triple head poles were used primarily for the large, open spaces. For pathways, crosswalks and other small spaces, LED bollards were added to the lighting plan.

To provide safety in areas with high pedestrian traffic, matching non illuminated bollards augmented the use of LED bollards. Sentry also developed a unique bollard base so that several non illuminated bollards could easily be removed by maintenance personnel during times of special events or to allow emergency vehicles access to certain parts of the grounds.

The specified LED luminaires are Sentry's famed Battery Park series. Each is configured with a Zhaga-compliant Philips Fortimo light engine that consumes a scant 58 watts of power, but emits 6000 lumens. Sentry's SPR reflector system with Backlight Reduction asymmetrically distributes comfortable, pleasing, indirect light. The Backlight Reduction feature reduces house side illumination by approximately 35% while directing additional light towards the street side of the luminaire. As Sacred Heart is located amid a residential community, Backlight Reduction helps minimize any possible light trespass.

The specified bollards utilize Sentry's Washington style decorative design. LED versions are configured with Xicato light engines that consume only 14 watts of energy. Sentry's SPR conical reflector provides a symmetric Type V distribution to uniformly illuminate the various pathways and crosswalks.

Sacred Heart Academy's resulting lighting plan entails large scale product diversity in terms of luminaires, pole configurations, and bollard types. Project success was realized through the expertise and collaboration of seasoned professionals with the singular purpose of making Sacred Heart Academy a safe and beautiful environment for all who frequent its grounds. Many project photos are available on Sentry's web site by visiting the "Education: K through 12" project section at

About Sacred Heart Academy:

Established in 1949 in Hempstead, New York by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, Sacred Heart Academy is a Catholic college-preparatory school whose singular purpose is to educate and elevate high-achieving young women. The school is committed to bringing about union and reconciliation, universal tolerance and forgiveness. It strives, through the highest academic and spiritual standards to prepare, empower, impassion, and inspire women leaders who are mindful of the call to work for peace and justice in an increasingly interdependent global community.

About Cameron Engineering:

Cameron Engineering of Woodbury, NY provides multi-disciplined consulting engineering and planning services. Staffed by approximately 70 professionals, the firm works in a multi-disciplined environment, striving to implement high-performance buildings incorporating energy efficiency design and sustainable sites through effective, efficient design and construction concepts. Cameron Engineering's role in the Sacred Heart project was to provide landscape architecture and civil engineering services.

About Sentry Electric:
Sentry Electric is North America's most responsive source of standard and custom exterior lighting, completely committed to end-to-end project success. The company's specification grade cast iron and aluminum luminaires, bollards, poles, brackets and accessories are installed across America's prestigious municipal street, park and university settings, including deployments at Yale University, Battery Park City in lower Manhattan, Indianapolis' Lower Canal Park, UCLA, and Ellis Island. Lighting designers and engineers, architects and urban planners all rely on the company's commitment to end-to-end project success and its unparalleled knowledge of architecturally significant exterior lighting, honed over the past sixty years.

Sentry has produced award-winning outdoor lighting products, including the SCP Central Park tulip luminaire, the winner of a Central Park Conservancy design competition. Sentry has also been recognized in 2011 and 2012 by Buildings Magazine for providing unique, Money Saving products to the construction industry. Sentry's catalog includes a range of luminaires in a variety of styles that incorporate many different light sources, including LED, high intensity discharge (HID), compact fluorescent, induction, and incandescent, for high efficiency, photometric performance, service life and energy use.

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