Sentinel Test Heat Exchanger Skid Receives U.S. Patent #9778147

Knew Value, LLC announces the receipt of a patent for its revolutionary cooling water performance monitoring technology, “Sentinel.”

HUFFMAN, TX - OCTOBER 06, 2017 We are proud to receive the first patent for this new, results oriented performance monitoring tool for all industries’ cooling systems.

“This is the beginning of a dream I have had for over 35 years, to accurately monitor cooling water performance, online, real time, in between inspections”, explains inventor L. J. Aspinall, creator of Knew Value, LLC.

Sentinel is the first performance monitoring technology capable of simulating exchanger conditions and providing an accurate method of predicting reliability and optimizing production. This is unique technology that has been deployed and improved plant cooling water performance by reducing corrosion(pit depth reduction of 98.7%) through optimization of the chemical program.

“Sentinel is a quantum shift in how we monitor cooling water performance”, Brian Bloxam, Ammonia Superintendent, CF Industries, Courtright, Ontario.

The “Sentinel for Cooling Water” contains two annular exchangers consisting of a 0.5 inch (12.7mm) OD tube inserted in a 1 inch (25.4mm) clear polycarbonate shell. The 0.5 inch exchanger tubes are pre-weighed prior to exposure to the cooling water, similar to a corrosion coupon. The exposed surface consists of 18” on each tube. Cooling water flows through the exchanger on the outside the 0.5 inch tube and process water is on the inside of the 0.5 inch tube simulating the process and providing the required heat to duplicate the actual and simulated skin temperatures. The independent operation of this skid with its own process loop allows inspection of exchanger results at any time regardless of the plant’s turnaround schedule. Adjustments of chemical treatment programs and controls can be made to optimize system results immediately following the identification of poor results, avoiding loss of actual heat transfer in the plant or exchanger failure due to unacceptable corrosion. Any metallurgy specific to plant equipment can be used for the material of construction of the ½” inner tube. Pre-weighing of the heat transfer tube allows for determination of scale accumulation (dirty weight) as well as actual metal loss due to corrosion (cleaned weight) at the end of the exposure period. We hope you enjoy the following guided tour of the Sentinel for Cooling Water operation.

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