Sensor Spectral Test and Calibration

The McPherson Spectral Test Station (STS) is for wavelength testing and calibration from LWIR to 200 nanometers and less. It is for sensor testing, process control, and calibration. It also works for ground-based calibration of flight sensors.

Spectral Test Station

Sensors, seekers, and digital cameras are pervasive. CCD, CMOS, InGaAs and further to the infrared, each exhibits unique response. The spectral test station delivers discreet, high purity wavelength bands to devices under test. This helps characterize the response of sensors to specific wavelengths of light in order to calibrate their response. The STS enables spectral test and characterization of various and diverse sensor and seeker formats including high-tech imaging, hyperspectral and electro-optical tracking sensors. The STS uses a research grade McPherson spectrometer that brings intrinsic features. Wavelength reproducibility, variable spectral bandwidth, low stray light and easy sample interface to name but a few.

The STS uses reflective optics for best efficiency throughout the wide spectral measuring range. The STS delivers light via free space optics. Collimators with a variety of beam diameters to match your sensor format are available. Alternately, we provide the systems with integrating spheres when appropriate. For ultimate spectral purity, double-monochromator systems are available. These exhibit the lowest levels of out of band light. For spectral range, instruments with two, three and four-position grating turrets are available.

Applications of the STS

Sensors are widely deployed. With the STS you can QC multiple detector chips, CCDs or focal plane arrays in a given wavelength range and for given pixel responsiveness. With the STS, test and characterize optical seekers, spectral signatures, integrated imagers and bare sensors. You can even use the STS to measure transmission, reflection, and stray light sensitivity. The sensors can be integrated, with optics, telescopes, or "nose cones" too. It is useful for commercial, defense and research applications.

Deep UV, Short Wavelengths

To accommodate vacuum and extreme ultraviolet applications STS system uses an appropriate McPherson short wavelength spectrometer. Systems for calibration and test of cameras and integrated optics for the ICON (FUV), Hubble (UV STIS) and Chandra X-ray telescope have uses STS systems. We can provide spectral test systems working at wavelengths as short as one nanometer!

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