Sensata Technologies Holland Wins Overijssel Innovation Award

Almelo, Netherlands - November 8, 2006 - An innovative cylinder pressure sensor developed by Sensata Technologies in Almelo, Holland has earned the Overijssel Innovation Award 2006. The sensor makes it possible, for the first time ever, to directly measure the combustion process in a diesel engine.

On November 1, 2006, the management team in Holland was presented with a cash award by representative Carry Abbenhues from the Province of Overijssel, as well as a work of art especially crafted for the occasion by artist Michael Knaven.

Sensata's cylinder pressure sensor makes it possible to control the combustion process in diesel engines in a new and revolutionary way. The result is a 90% reduction in the soot and nitrogen emissions. The unique aspect of this innovation is the fact that Sensata has managed to develop a sensor that is capable of withstanding the the elevated temperatures and high vibration levels inside a combustion engine while at the same time enabling a drastic reduction in the emission of harmful substances from diesel engines. With 10 million diesel engines in the world, this innovation consequently has enormous market potential and can contribute to a cleaner environment.

The cylinder pressure sensor is the first of its kind to be sufficiently reliable and low cost to make it suitable for mass production. In order to simplify the installation of the sensor, a decision was made to integrate the sensor into the glow plug of a diesel engine. Thanks to this choice, there is no need for the customer to adjust the cylinder head. The integration of the cylinder pressure sensor is as simple as unscrewing a standard glow plug and refitting the cylinder pressure sensor, which also incorporates the glow function.

Judgement of the panel

The product won the admiration of the panel thanks to an impressive presentation, the technological and commercial innovation behind the concept and the problem-solving capacity of the innovation. The panel also noted that after gaining independence from Texas Instruments, Sensata has proven to be a healthy company with a sound commercial and financial business plan. The panel's opinion is that Sensata has good prospects when it comes to positioning itself in the global market. In short, the company is a worthy winner.

The panel based its judgement on the following criteria:
o Proven success of the company
o The technological and/or commercial innovation
o The problem-solving capacity of the innovation
o The quality of the company
o The entrepreneurship

During the evaluation, the company's proven success and the technological and/or commercial innovation played a deciding role.

Overijssel Innovation Award

The Overijssel Innovation Award 2006 is presented to Overijssel-based entrepreneur deemed to be the clear leader in the technological development of a product or process. The award is organized by the Province of Overijssel and the Development Agency East Netherlands (Oost NV) with the aim of encouraging innovation in Overijssel.


From all the entries received, eight innovations were shortlisted earlier this year. The nominees were: Ambient Systems from Enschede, Aquade from Deventer, Capital ID from Zwolle, Indes from Enschede (with two different innovations) Micronit Microfluidics from Enschede, Quarantainenet (also from Enschede) and Sensata Technologies Holland from Almelo.

The panel

The panel of the Overijssel Innovation Award 2006 comprises: Chairman Prof. W.H.M. Zijm, rector magnificus of the University of Twente; Mr W.M.G. Weerdenburg M. Sc., Operations Director of Thales Nederland; Mr. J.W. Samsen, Director of Eastborn Slaapsystemen; Mrs. W.M. van Ingen M. Sc., Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Veluwe and Twente; and Mr. E. van Gend B. Sc., Business Developer of Product Factory and Director of BV.

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