See Geosense at MINEX Russia 2013, October 1-3 and View a Demo of the PSR-3500 Field Spectroradiometer.

Den – Ham — Using spectrometers and spectroradiometers in the field allows for the collection of data that can be applied to geological surveys, alteration zones mapping, mineral identification, and geomorphology applications. The SPECTRAL EVOLUTION PSR-3500 is the ideal field instrument for geological remote sensing applications.

As a leading remote sensing consultant with 25 worldwide years of experience in mineral exploration and geologic mapping, GEOSENSE offers a wide range of services for regional exploration, project scale mapping, drillcore logging, and environmental impact analysis.

The PSR-3500 spectroradiometer delivers the capabilities necessary to study the effects of natural events, as well as changes in mineralogical composition.

• Fast, full-spectrum UV/VIS/NIR measurements with just one scan

• Superior reliability for field use with 100% diode array optics and no moving parts to break down

• Field switchable optics for different target sizes and measurement modes

• Standalone operation – holds up to 1000 scans internally without a computer

• Bluetooth interface for wireless communication

• Lightweight, compact Li-ion rechargeable batteries

• Rugged, less than 8 lbs. and easy-to-carry

• Optional Getac PS336 microcomputer tags scans with GPS coordinates, photos, and voice notes, has a sunlight readable VGA screen, and stores an almost unlimited number of scans

All spectrometers are equipped with the exclusive DARWin SP Data Analysis software package so you can take advantage of the following analysis features:

• Automatically saves data as a compatible ASCII file to SpecMIN™, GRAMS or TSG software  – no extra export function is necessary, no hours of post-processing the day’s scans

• Collect reference or target data with a single click

• Display reflectance/transmittance data (percentage) or absorbance (logarithmic) versus wavelength

• Single and multiple spectral plots available

• Compare current scans against libraries, including the USGS libraries

GEOSENSE can provide the PSR-3500 as a powerful tool to map various types of minerals and mineral properties, including:

• Phylosilicates, clays, chlorites, serpentine

• Hydroxilated silicates (e.g. amphibole, epidote)

• Silica varieties

• Sulphates and carbonates

• Compositional variations

• Crystallinity variations

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