SECO/WARWICK Delivers Low Temperature Vacuum Furnace to U.S.-Based Global Industrial Manufacturer

Meadville, Pennsylvania – SECO/WARWICK Corp. recently delivered a vacuum furnace to a U.S.-based global industrial manufacturer that has overcome the issue of tight temperature uniformity in a vacuum at low temperatures.

The furnace will operate at 800°F and maintain a +/- 10°F temperature uniformity with 1X10-4 TORR vacuum, in a 12 inch wide by 6 inch high by 12 inch long hot zone. At low temperatures and without an atmosphere, temperature uniformity is difficult because of the lack of convection. The furnace has an operating range of up to 2400°F.

About the SECO/WARWICK Vacuum Group

The Vacuum Team offers vacuum heat treating furnaces for hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat treating, brazing, sintering, carburizing, carbonitriding, high vacuum, CVD–graphitizing and degassing. SECO/WARWICK has built some of the largest and technically advanced vacuum furnaces in operation today, developing advanced technologies like Universal HPQ™ (High Pressure Quench), PreNit® & FineCarb® LPC vacuum carburizing, fully automated control systems and modeling software. Vacuum furnace configurations are available for vertical, horizontal and elevator style furnaces. Both cylindrical and rectangular hot zones with metallic or graphite heating elements are available for both new and used equipment. Visit

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