Schleuniger Wins the 2016 Tekom Docu Award

Schleuniger has won this year’s prestigious tekom docu award (Dokupreis) for its EcoStrip 9380 reference manual. The German Association for Technical Communication has been honoring outstanding user manuals and operating instructions with awards since 2005.

“Simple, understandable, precise.” In Michael Lehmann’s opinion, these are three essential characteristics for which Schleuniger was awarded the 2016 tekom docu award for the EcoStrip 9380 reference manual. Michael Lehmann is the Team Leader for Technical Documentation at the Thun business location. He is visibly delighted about the award, which the Association for Technical Communication, tekom, presents on an annual basis. The tekom docu award is the third prestigious award that Schleuniger has won over the last year. Previously, they won the 2015 Innovation Award for the CoaxCenter 6000 and the 2016 ASCO Award for The Way Forward as the best and most sustainable corporate strategy.

With its docu award, tekom pays tribute to well-executed user manuals and operating instructions, with particular emphasis on topics of safety and practical applicability. The award is considered to be the most significant of its kind in Europe. Before the prize is awarded, an independent team of 37 recognized experts carries out an in-depth evaluation of the submitted publications. This year, after the pre-screening, a total of 26 analogue and digital publications were admitted for further evaluation, of which six user manuals and operating instructions and one multimedia application ultimately won awards. In their evaluation report, the experts underlined, in particular, that the EcoStrip 9380’s reference handbook includes far-reaching and easily understandable safety instructions. In addition to other points, the expert panel also commended the correct and plausible guidelines and the very good and helpful illustrations.

Why user manuals and operating instructions are so important for the customer and thus also for Schleuniger is best explained in the words of Roger Steuri, Head of Machine Development at our business location in Thun: “A well-executed reference handbook helps the customer to minimize the machine’s non-productive time. He can use the machine to produce instead of racking his brain trying to figure out unclear and incomplete handbooks.” Moreover, Roger Steuri points out our Schleuniger claim, which reflects our self-conception: “For me, To Be Precise means more than high-precision machines and people, but also accurate communications.” And naturally, this also includes perfect handbooks.

The tekom association awards the tekom docu awards on an annual basis. tekom is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, and is the largest European association in the sector with 8000 individual and 725 corporate members.

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The Schleuniger Group in Thun is a globally active technology company and a leading supplier in the Wire Processing industry. Customers of the Schleuniger Group primarily supply the automotive, entertainment and information industries as well as the communication sector. Schleuniger products are used whenever precise wire processing plays a role. Development and production are located in Switzerland, Germany and China. Schleuniger is always close to its customers - with four Sales and Service companies in the US, Germany, China and Japan as well as with 40 distributors worldwide. The Schleuniger Group represents the Business Unit Wire Processing of the listed Metall Zug Group and has about 640 employees and 30 trainees worldwide.

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