SCALA, Developed by SANS Digital, is Proud to Announce the Successful Installation of a 1PB Central Storage Solution for Over 500+ HD video Surveillance Cameras

In order to provide enough resources to several Milestone VMS Servers, each SCALA node is configured with 2-port 10GbE connections. The entire solution is able to sustain an aggregated bandwidth of over 7GB/s (7000 MB/s), preventing drops in video frames or low response times for users reviewing recorded video. Furthermore, easy expansion allows growth for infinite amount of video recording retention while the SCALA system provides full redundancy with no down times. The result is a truly all-in-one storage solution for mission critical video surveillance recordings for Milestone VMS.

Project Challenges

  • Enough bandwidth to record 500+ HD cameras in a shared environment.
  • Mission Critical: Continuous non-stop recording to fulfill the needs of the customer's establishment.
  • A large network bandwidth requirement for recording, playback, and archiving of all 500+ HD security videos.
  • Simultaneous high file operations of 500+ cameras equaling to 500+ write operations. Especially during high playback (read operation) and archiving (read and write).
  • Ability to expand within the shared data location without interruption to services.
  • Easy to manage GUI for over 1PB storage with preemptive failure notifications.

SCALA Solution:

  • Allow Instant Storage Expansion without Interruption. Storage sizes can be expanded with additional storage nodes instantly. Capacity expansion is done without interruption of recording or service allowing for the addition of future cameras or Milestone server expansion.
  • The performance can be tailored to the exact needs of the video system environment. Options include multiple 10GbE, infiniband, etc. Performance can be increased with the addition of new nodes.
  • Highly redundant system provides non-stop operation with no single points of failure. An entire storage node can be offline for repairs without interrupting services.
  • High Concurrency Support for Direct Camera Recording and Milestone Archiving. SCALA Storage has been designed from the ground up for high concurrency support. This allows all 500+ 3MP cameras to record directly to the SCALA Storage and allows Milestone database archiving.
  • Single Management Screen for Server Status and Future Diagnostics. SCALA Storage provides a single management screen for the entire capacity. For example, monitoring the system health of 10 storage nodes, 2 metadata servers, and 6 Milestone servers. In addition, performance is tracked for further diagnostic issues.
  • Simple Setup, Running on TCP/IP Network. Entire setup is done using TCP/IP networking without the need for Complicated network settings. No additional Fibre Channel or iSCSI setup.

Company Info

SANS Digital Technology, Inc.

121 South Brent Circle

City of Industry, CA 91789


1.800.980.1988 FREE (For US Customers)

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