Sangfor Technologies Earns Recommended Rating from NSS Labs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Sangfor Technologies, a global leader in network devices, has been recognized as one of the leading web application firewall (WAF) vendors in a recent report from NSS Labs. Sangfor's M5900-F-l next-generation firewall earned the coveted "Recommended" rating after it successfully passed numerous tests for effectiveness, performance, stability reliability, management configuration and total cost of ownership (TCO) by NSS Labs. The "Recommended" rating demonstrates that Sangfor has been able to consistently provide world-class network solutions to its customers, enhancing the security and effectiveness of their networks.

NSS Labs, a leading research analysis firm, conducts the most comprehensive third-party testing in the industry, providing real-world research and analysis to organizations. A "Recommended" rating from NSS indicates that a product has performed well and deserves strong consideration from customers. Only the top technical products earn a "Recommended" rating from NSS -- regardless of their market share, company size or brand recognition.

The high-quality technology of a "Recommended" product

The "Recommended" rating indicates that Sangfor's M5900-F-l next-generation firewall is highly secure. In testing, it blocked 96.11 percent of WAF attacks and remained effective against every evasion technique employed.

Sangfor had the highest performance in testing, with the M5900-F-l registering a blazing 76,616 connections per second (CPS) when tested by NSS Labs. "The CPS is higher than the vendor claimed performance. Sangfor rates this device at 5 Gbps, which would be 25,000 CPS at 21KB object size," according to the NSS Labs report.

Additionally, Sangfor's M5900-F-l next-generation firewall also proved extremely cost-effective. At $2.07 TCO per protected CPS, it was one of the most affordable devices tested.

A legacy of affordable excellence

For clients already familiar with Sangfor's products, the results of the latest NSS Labs tests are no surprise. With a track record of more than a decade of sustained success in Europe and Asia, Sangfor Technologies has created a worldwide operational network that includes 28,000 customers, 680 global channel partners and 33 distribution networks across the world. Prominent corporations such as Toyota, Canon, Shell, Caterpillar, JVC and Panasonic are current Sangfor customers.

As a provider of cost-effective solutions for mid-market enterprises, Sangfor offers network devices that keep capital expenditures and operational expenses low along with significant return on investment -- even for companies with very tight IT budgets.


TheM5900-F-land other Sangfor next-generation firewall solutions are now available in the United States. For more information, please contact Sangfor Technologies USA at

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