San Diego, California-Based Nielsen Beaumont Marine Inc. Purchases Marine Travelift 75 BFMII Mobile Boat Hoist

Recently Remodeled Boatyard Adds New Mobile Boat Hoist for Increased Efficiency & Environmentally Friendly Operations

STURGEON BAY, WI - Marine Travelift Inc. recently announced that California-based Nielsen Beaumont Marine Inc. has purchased a new 75 BFMII mobile boat hoist for its fully remodeled San Diego boatyard. Delivered to Nielsen Beaumont in October 2011, the mobile boat hoist was an important element in the company's plan for increased efficiency and environmentally friendly operations.

Founded in 1988, when Tom Nielsen and Don Beaumont purchased Mauricio & Sons Boatbuilding, the facility now known as Nielsen Beaumont Premier Yachtworks offers a full range of services, from fiberglass and engine repair to carpentry, painting, refinishing and rigging. The boatyard's renovation has transformed Nielsen Beaumont into an impressive zero-discharge facility and secured its place among the country's most efficient and environmentally advanced boatyards. Co-owner Tom Nielsen said the Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin-based Marine Travelift was the perfect fit for the all-new yard on several levels.

"When I went to the Miami International Boat Show to look at the different machines, you really could see the differences in design, quality and details with the Marine Travelift mobile boat hoists," he said.

The key was in the details. Nielsen said one of the most important attributes, for him, was the wireless remote with mechanical backup.

"With so many of the other machines, if the transmitter gets damaged or if the battery goes down and you lose electrical power, you'll lose the whole machine," he explained. "With Marine Travelift, you can operate the machine mechanically from the cab, so there's no downtime. Our operation won't come to a standstill, which would be terrible for our customers and our employees."

He said he also appreciated that the mobile boat hoist's design incorporates separate pumps for each winch.

"I think backups are really important," he observed.

For Nielsen, Marine Travelift's environmentally friendly features also encouraged him to choose the new 75 BFMII for his facility. The mobile boat hoist boasts a biodiesel Tier 3 engine to meet California's rigorous clean-air standards, and its hydraulic pumps and winches use biodegradable mineral oil.

"Marine Travelift helped us get that hydraulic fluid, which is biodegradable and eco-friendly," Nielsen commented. "It's far more biodegradable than oil; here in San Diego, if you spill even a drop of regular oil, the U.S. Coast Guard wants to be notified."

Nielsen Beaumont's Marine Travelift 75 BFMII also has a zinc coating under its top coat to help prevent corrosion in the yard, and it features a sound shield. Nielsen said that, too, is part of their effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

"It addresses noise pollution," he said of the shield. "People can carry on a conversation right next to the hoist, which is important to our clients and our employees."

Then there is the improved efficiency of the Nielsen Beaumont operation, which the new mobile boat hoist has significantly enhanced. Before the remodel, the yard used a rail system to haul and launch vessels. Nielsen said the system was antiquated.

"It was so old, we didn't push it anymore," he explained. "We limited it to 50 tons, which limited our entire business. Now, with the Marine Travelift 75 BFMII, we've been able to increase our maximum length and weight for hauling.

"We're not a big facility, about 200 feet by 170 or 190 feet, with a couple of building over the water," he continued. "With the new machine, we've also been able to increase our square footage of boats by a factor of four or five."

Finally, Nielsen remarked that it was a great experience to work with Marine Travelift. Its sales and engineering team collaborated with Nielsen and his team from beginning to end.

"We were in constant contact with Tom from the start, to understand his marketplace and the needs of his facility so we could size the machine properly and recommend the right options," said Jason Johnson, North American sales manager. "Once Tom provided us with the yard drawings, we were able to incorporate the machine with various boat sizes within the yard. We worked closely every step of the way."

Now the Marine Travelift 75 BFMII has been in operation for approximately five months, and Nielsen said he couldn't be happier. He said he's even planning to hire more people, once the parts department expansion is complete and the operation is hauling even more vessels.

"It's been incredible," he said. "We're very blessed." For details about Nielsen Beaumont Marine Inc. and its San Diego operation, visit For more information about Marine Travelift and its full range of mobile boat hoists, call (920) 743-6202, e-mail the sales team at or visit

The world's first mobile boat hoist was conceptualized and manufactured in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, in 1945. Officially established in 1954, Marine Travelift Inc. has a long-standing reputation as a marine industry leader and is recognized for its tradition of excellence on a global scale. The company manufactures mobile boat hoists, marine forklifts, self-propelled transporters and other related marine lifting products. It also has an extensive U.S. and international dealer network, with more than 3,500 units in service worldwide.

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