Safety Speed Cut Goes Digital

Ham Lake, MN----January, 2006----Safety Speed Cut is pleased to announce the addition of Digital Readouts to their vertical panel saws and routers. This optional digital measuring device is available on all their vertical panel saws and routers with the exception of the European style ES52 adding digital precision and repeatability at a very affordable price. The digital readout can mount on an existing quick stop gauge bracket or can be purchased as a complete package.

The digital readouts are available for both the 5ft and 8ft quick stop gauges. The units are powered by two AA batteries that run up to 8 months. Each device displays readings in millimeters, decimal inches or fractions. This useful tool will put an end to inaccurate tape readings and repeatability problems. Visit their website at (News and Press Releases) to learn more.

Contact Name: Tom Houska
Title: Sales & Marketing

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