SAC-i Automatic Saccharimeter

The SAC-i Automatic Polarimeter is a NEW Generation Saccharimeter. It provides high accuracy measurement over a wide range and maximum usability with its touch screen.

Compliant with ICUMSA and 21 CFR Part 11 standards, it is optimized for measurement in °Z (International Sugar Scale) as well as measurement of optical rotation angle for pharmaceutical, fragrances, cosmetics, chemicals and food applications.

The SAC-i communicates with the RX series Digital Automatic Refractometer for automatic purity measurement. Thanks to the flow cell attachment, users can measure one sample after another by simply pouring a new batch of juice in to replace the previous one.


- Resolution of up to 3 decimal places with repeatability of ±0.003°

- Measurement stability in 13 seconds (4 seconds in consecutive measurement modes)

- Up to 999 automatic consecutive measurements followed by average value display

- Connectivity to RX Digital Refractometers for automatic purity measurement

- Standby feature to take measurement later at specified time

- Improved usability with the use of touch screen technology


•         Pharmaceutical

•         Chemicals

•         Cosmetics

•         Fragrances and

•         Food applications


Sherri B Thompson, Ad Manager


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