S-Bond Technologies Provides Solutions for Joining Sensors and Sensor Housings

Many sensors need to be enclosed for protection. S-Bond joints are hermetic and can bond a wide range of dissimilar metals, ceramics, and glass that are typically used in enclosures or housings.

Sensors and Sensor housings require metal to metal and/or metal to ceramic bonds that make electrical connections or hermetic seals. S-Bond active solders and related processes are being used to make a wide variety of sensor components, including graphite and SiC to conductor leads for conductivity sensors, and also sapphire or quartz to titanium, Kovar® or stainless steel. These components are successfully used to make optical sensors and other sensor enclosures.

Some examples of housings include the bonding of sapphire windows to thin walled titanium tubes. These assemblies are joined by S-Bond at 250ºC to lower assembly-related distortion and produce a robust, hermetic seal. S-Bond uses lower joining temperatures; the resultant compliant solder interface makes these types joint more stable and reliable.

S-Bond is being used to join a range of sensor/optical windows where quartz or sapphire are joined to Kovar® or other metallic frame materials. S-Bond has the capability to join to a wide range of UV and IR inorganic crystal windows, such as ZnSe, BaF2 and LiF.

About Us-

S-Bond joins metals, ceramics, carbon, carbides, and semiconductors making S-Bond a viable process to bond and assemble sensors and sensor housings. Applications include the fluxless joining of electrical signal leads to sensor elements where twisted leads can be bonded to graphite or even active ceramic elements to make conductivity or strain sensors.

Since 1996, S-Bond Technologies has helped customers solve difficult joining problems. Using our quality manufacturing facilities in Lansdale, PA or in processes adapted in your facilities, S-Bond® products provide reliable high strength hermetic bonds between a wide variety of dissimilar materials.

For more information, please contact Ron Smith, rsmith@s-bond.com, call 215-631-7114, or visit our website www.s-bond.com

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