Rulmeca Corp. Wilmington Facility Closed Indefinitely

Rulmeca Corporation will close its Wilmington, NC facility indefinitely, effective 9/18/18. The company is cut off from electrical power, fiber optic Internet, coaxial cable back-up Internet, and VoIP phone service. "We can neither assemble nor repair Motorized Pulleys at this point," said Mike Gawinski, president. "As soon as electrical power is restored, we will reopen our facility. Subcontractors are continuing remediation work at the building. Our sales and administrative staff will continue to work from their homes to correspond with customers via cell phones and laptop computers while services are available. Some of our employees have suffered damage to their homes, some very significantly. Thank you for understanding."

Rulmeca Corporation

3200 Corporate Drive, Suite D

Wilmington, NC 28405, USA

T. 910-794-9294

F. 910-794-9296

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