RS232 Balun (EB-SDB9 Series)

Sales of our RS232 Baluns have seen a strong surge over the last six months. Our EB-SDB9 Series of RS232 Extenders can increase the distance from the standard 50 feet up to 1,000 ft. sending the signal over inexpensive Cat 5 cable.

While interest in ETS products tends to concentrate on Audio, Video and Security, often overlooked is the large selection of quality Telco, IBM, Test and Specialty baluns that ETS offers.

There has been a loyal following with installers who understand data and machine control. This year we have seen an upswing in demand because one of our installers used the EB-SDB9 Extenders for a large number of touch screen monitors. He understands that the RS232 connection is far more robust than the USB option. Passive units from ETS eliminate the need for power supplies; this can dramatically increase the reliability of most installations. Our customers have used these in museums, touch screen monitors, bar code readers, machine automation control etc....

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