ROXUL Inc., North America's Largest Producer of Stone Wool Insulation, Rebrands to ROCKWOOL

MILTON, ON, Sept. 7, 2017 - ROXUL Inc., the North American division of the ROCKWOOL GROUP, the world's largest stone wool manufacturer, announces it will commence a full rebrand to ROCKWOOL. The ROCKWOOL brand has been marketed proudly and internationally for 80 years and now will be adopted in North America*.

The rebrand takes effect January 1, 2018 and will apply to all segments of ROXUL's North America insulation business--residential, commercial, roofing, OEM (core solutions) and technical insulation (industrial, marine & offshore)--as well as all product lines.

"ROXUL is soon to be ROCKWOOL in North America," says Trent Ogilvie, President, ROXUL Inc. "The rebrand creates a unified identity for our company, its solutions and benefits on a global scale. It reinforces ROCKWOOL's position as a world leader in a diverse range of stone wool solutions, while unlocking significant potential for our business."

The rebrand will allow ROXUL to better leverage the ROCKWOOL Group's longstanding leadership position in the international insulation marketplace.

The rebrand will make possible a multitude of advantages--some of which have already been evident. These include continued strong investment to support further growth and improved infrastructure across all regions. Since 2014, the ROCKWOOL Group has invested some $350 million in three new North American manufacturing facilities, including a recently announced stone wool plant in Ranson, West Virginia. Under the ROCKWOOL brand, additional benefits will extend to greater product innovation, enhanced customer solutions and service, stronger marketing muscle, exceptional employee engagement and training, expanded education initiatives, and industry research.

The evolution to ROCKWOOL is a natural step. It follows an April announcement from the ROCKWOOL Group that all its global subsidiaries have assumed a new, cohesive brand identity. This marked the introduction of the ROCKWOOL symbol--a graphic representation of a volcano--as well as a new purpose statement that conveys a singular, overarching goal for all ROCKWOOL companies: release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

"This North American transition marks the next step in our efforts to create a strong global brand," says Jens Birgersson, ROCKWOOL Group CEO. "The North American market continues to grow in importance, and the rebranding will strengthen our ability to meet customer requirements while at the same time addressing global concerns around energy consumption, water shortages and the need for safer, more resilient cities."

The new ROCKWOOL branding will soon be integrated into all products, marketing materials, digital and social channels throughout North America. The company's new manufacturing facility in Jefferson County, West Virginia--announced by ROXUL Inc. in early July--will now open and operate under the ROCKWOOL name.

*The rebranding applies to our North American insulation business. Rockfon and Grodan will continue to operate under their respective brand names.

About ROXUL Inc.

ROXUL is part of the ROCKWOOL Group. With five factories and plants and 1,000 employees, we are North America's largest stone wool producer, offering advanced building insulation, industrial and technical solutions.

At the ROCKWOOL Group, we are committed to enriching the lives of everyone who experiences our solutions. Our expertise is perfectly suited to tackling many of today's biggest sustainability and development challenges, from energy consumption and noise pollution to fire resilience, water scarcity and flooding. Our range of products reflects the diversity of the world's needs, supporting our stakeholders in reducing their own carbon footprint along with way.

Stone wool is a versatile material and forms the basis for all of our businesses. With approximately, 10,600 passionate colleagues in more than 35 countries, we are the world leader in stone wool solutions, from building insulation to acoustic ceilings, external cladding systems to horticultural solutions, engineered fibers for industrial use to insulation for the process industry, marine and offshore. For more information, visit:

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