ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus Device Coupler Gains FM Approval in U.S. and Canada

ROUTE-MASTER eliminates the crippling restrictions and high costs of FISCO systems

NORTH HILLS, CA-MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries-International, Inc., announces that the ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus System, composed of power supplies and device couplers, has been approved by Factory Mutual as an intrinsically-safe apparatus for use in the U.S. and Canada. The FM approval clears the way to apply the ROUTE-MASTER Fieldbus System in hazardous areas.

ROUTE-MASTER eliminates the crippling restrictions and extremely high cost of FISCO-based systems by allowing users to drive up to 350mA per segment and install up to 16 FOUNDATION Fieldbus instruments on a single fieldbus segment, even in hydrogen-risk areas. FISCO systems have severe limitations, including short segment distances, greatly reduced segment MTTF (mean time to failure), and increased costs for very small gains (115mA over 80mA, the standard Entity-systems capacity).

A ROUTE-MASTER system consists of one or more RMA Fieldbus Device Couplers and a RM102 Intrinsically-Safe Power Conditioner installed within an RM100 Rack.
As with all MooreHawke Device Couplers, RMA100 Device Couplers have auto-resetting short-circuit protection, Automatic Segment Termination, and LED status indicators. MooreHawke's short circuit protection method prevents segment failure caused by multiple device faults. A unique "fold-back" technique automatically removes all faulted devices from the segment, and does not permit any current flow to those devices until faults are corrected.

The RM100 Power Supply provides redundant power for up to eight fieldbus segments. The output for each fieldbus segment is fully isolated, redundant, passively conditioned and intrinsically safe.

The FM approval allows cFMus marking for the Canadian market. The cFMus marking is equivalent to CSA approval. The RM100 Power Supply and RMA100 Device Coupler also have intrinsically-safe certifications from SIRA (ATEX).

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