ROTA NCR Precision 6-Jaw Compensation Chuck

The clamping of thin-walled and easily deformed components can be difficult. SCHUNK offers the 6-jaw ROTA NCR from our lineup for this challenging clamping scenario; with standard chuck diameters ranging all the way from Ø165 to Ø1200mm, for large workpieces.

The 6-jaw NCR chucks strengths lie in its 3 pairs of radially compensating jaws which more equally distribute the chuck clamp force about the circumference of the workpiece, with 6 points of contact, as opposed to the conventional 3-point clamping profile found with 3-jaw chucks.

Perfect for thin-walled or deformation sensitive parts, even rough castings or rings can be centered with minimal distortion to the workpiece. The NCR can also easily be switch from compensating to centric clamping mode by simply tightening a bolt under the center cover plate of the chuck.

The NCR also can be outfitting with optional centrifugal force compensation and has provisions for coolant and air media pass-through. In addition, as standard features, the NCR includes optimized internal greasing system, hardened chuck body, hardened and ground internals. The NCR is available in sizes Ø165, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, and 1200mm with serrated or metric tongue and groove base jaw interfaces.


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