Romano Volta, Chairman and Founder of Datalogic, Wins the ID Innovation Italy Award 2010!

Bologna, November 17th, 2010 - Romano Volta, Founder and Chairman of Datalogic S.p.A., a leading company on the market of barcode scanners, data collection mobile computers and RFID and vision systems, wins the ID Innovation Italy Award 2010.

Aimed at highlighting Italy's excellence in innovation lead by ICT, the ID Innovation Italy Award 2010 of Quid 2010 ( was handed over during the ninth ID WORLD International Congress ( Candidates were chosen to represent the leaders of thought, the innovators who, thanks to automatic identification instruments and solutions, are able to develop the most cutting-edge and significant projects in the sphere of innovation lead by ICT.

The chairman of Datalogic was awarded during an official ceremony attended by experts of the world of Information and Communication Technology, held Tuesday, November 16th at the Milanofiori Congress Centre in Assago, Milan.

These are the reasons why Mr. Romano Volta received the highest number of votes out of five candidates: the fact that he transformed Datalogic from a family run business into a managerial enterprise. He skilfully and deeply innovated his role from founder to shareholder, thus developing his own company, which he founded in 1972, into an "industrial business with constant and lasting growth, which has become strategic at an international level in terms of results, reputation and image". Furthermore, he also turned the company into a global player on a strongly innovative market.

Datalogic's founder is indeed to be acknowledged for his remarkable intuition, over thirty years ago, of believing in the potentials of barcode scanners and in automatic identification systems that enabled the company to act before its competitors and to expand across Europe and the whole world to become a leader on its own reference market.

Datalogic Group is currently an international enterprise that works managerially with success in countries throughout the world; its growth strategy focuses on R&D to launch highly innovative products and solutions and with cutting-edge technologies.

This business vision lead Datalogic to being awarded with the "Business Innovation Prize" in the Large Enterprise category in 2009 by the Italian industrialists association, as the business that has skilfully expanded in Italy and worldwide through investments in innovation.

In receiving his award, Mr. Romano Volta, commented: "I am honoured to receive this acknowledgement, which awards us for the choices that we have made as well as for our thorough commitments in expanding this company and in turning it into a modern industrial enterprise, lead by professional managers and observed by interested shareholders. I would like to share this award with all those who work hard every day for Datalogic in Italy and worldwide. It's thanks above all to these people that we have managed to innovate our management and technological solutions, even often anticipating changes".

Mauro Sacchetto, CEO of Datalogic SpA, also pointed out that: "Datalogic is not only a worldwide leader but is also a reference point for its market. This result has been achieved above all thanks to ongoing decisions to invest important shares of our turnover in innovation and in R&D: in 2009, 8%, which translates into investments of roughly 25 million Euro and a heritage of 890 patents worldwide.

I would like to finish with my personal thanks and compliments to my chairman for the fundamental role that he performs every day for all of us".

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