Rogers to Showcase EL and Force Sensitive Resistive Lighting Solutions at Z Show 2006

For Automotive Interior Applications

Show: Z Show
Dates: June 20-22, 2006
Stand: K-40
Location: New Exhibition Centre (US Pavilion), Leipzig, Germany

Rogers, CT, April 24, 2006: Rogers Corporation will be showcasing its full line of DUREL® electroluminescent ("EL") lamps and drivers at the Z Show held in Leipzig in June. DUREL EL lamps and drivers are ideal for automotive interior applications such as instrument clusters, radio / HVAC controls and PRNDLs. DUREL EL lamps can also be used to backlight a number of moodlighting applications, including door panels and door sills, footwells and cupholders.

At the Z-Show, Rogers will also introduce its new line of electroluminescent-force sensitive resistive ("EL/FSR") products that it manufactures in partnership with IEE S.A. of Luxembourg. EL/FSR technology can be used in a number of automotive applications, such as radio / HVAC temperature controls; sun roof open/close controls; navigation touchpads and window and door actuation devices, to name a few. "The Rogers-IEE EL/FSR product line has additional functionality over competing input devices and technologies," states Dirk Martin, Business Development Manager for IEE. "Benefits of the combined EL/FSR product include a reduction in space requirements & freedom of design, since the Rogers-IEE single input device can cover several different functions based on the illuminated touch sensitive technology," Martin goes on to comment.

Rogers DUREL EL lamps have been used as a source of lighting by the automotive industry since 1991, when DUREL patented micro-encapsulated phosphor was introduced. IEE has specialized in sensor products, such as passenger detection systems, for the automotive market since 1993. "The alliance between IEE and Rogers represents a powerful collaboration, combining IEE's expertise in sensor-based technologies with Rogers' advanced skills in electroluminescent lighting systems. Working together, IEE and Rogers will bring innovative new products to the market, including smart illumination devices with dimming and touch-sensitive capabilities.The lighting possibilities are endless and design engineers tell us they like what they see," states Mike Bessette, vice president of the Durel Division of Rogers Corporation.

Rogers' high-power IC drivers for automotive applications work in conjunction with the EL and EL/FSR technologies to provide OEMs with a complete lighting system-solution. Two of these drivers, the DUREL D306A driver and the newest addition to its driver product line, the DUREL D307A, will be on display. The D306A is a powerful device that can convert a wide input voltage range from 2.0 Vdc to 16.0 Vdc to an output voltage of 400V peak-to-peak. It is ideal for lithium-ion and alkaline battery powered applications. Intended for signage, instrumentation displays and other large backlighting uses, the D306A can drive EL lamps as large as 180 cm2. The D306 IC is also equipped with proprietary wave-shaping programmability for reducing audible noise. Dual on-chip oscillators allow for independent selection of inductor switching and lamp output frequency optimization through the choice of external capacitor values or with separate external clock signals. The D306A is available in a 4x4mm QFN surface-mount package and requires a minimal number of external components. The D306, like all of Rogers EL drivers, is Pb- and Halogen-free for RoHS and WEEE compliance.

The new DUREL D307A, the most powerful IC from Rogers, will drive lamps as large as 225.8cm2. The D307A driver offers a variety of functionality, including patented, flexible wave-shaping capability for minimizing audible noise; precision control of frequencies; accurate lamp luminance variability using pulse width signals through the CHF and/or CLF inputs; and stable power dissipation. The D307 also comes in a 4X4mm QFN RoHS compliant package.

For information on Rogers EL lamps and drivers, contact Rogers Customer Service Department at or 480-917-6000.

To find out more about Rogers/IEE EL-FSR(TM) products, contact Rogers Corporation in North America at for your local representative or contact Customer Service at 480-917/6000 or In Europe, contact IEE at for your local representative or contact Stephanie Schliffski at or (352) 424737-325.

About IEE S.A.:

IEE S.A., founded in 1989, is headquartered in Luxembourg, Europe, and entered the automotive market in 1993. IEE is specialized in sensor products, such as passenger detection systems. IEE's customer list includes most European, American and Asian car manufacturers. The independent business unit, LuSense, was established in 2001 to pursue high-volume opportunities in non-automotive as well as automotive markets for IEE high-performance sensors. LuSense incorporates the IEE proprietary technology, based on sensors, switches and the surrounding components, to create customer solutions. IEE has more than 912 employees and operates a manufacturing site as well as a technical center in Luxembourg. In addition, IEE has R&D facilities in Auburn Hills, Michigan (USA) and Seoul (South Korea) and representative offices in Beijing (China) and Tokyo (Japan). ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, and ISO 14001:1996, QS 9000, VDA-6.1., certified. For more information please visit

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