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Rhino Hide Celebrates 50 Years of Versatile Products

Press release date: Oct 02, 2007

This year, Rhino Hide, a leader in specialty coatings and advanced adhesives, commemorates their 50th anniversary. Company president Mike Reed made the announcement.

Since 1957, Rhino Hide coating systems have been used in some of the toughest environments. Their resilient primers, sealers, acrylics and elastomerics have been tested in Alaska, Canada, Washington, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and other demanding locations.

"50 years later, our company still has the same dedication to delivering unmatched, specially-formulated coatings as our founder, Victor Stewart, did," said Reed. "We've added products and services, but our foundation still stands in offering innovative solutions to our customers for protecting, preserving and enhancing their valued investments."

Outperforming the competition, Rhino Hide's All Weather Armor line combines exceptional adhesive and elastic characteristics. In 1972, they brought on the trademark Big Blue Rhino as a symbol for Rhino Hide's unique and proven products. New Rhino Hide UltraBan-Pro, a long-lasting, bioactive microbial film, inhibits mold, mildew and algae growth, as well as stains and musty odors. UltraMean-2 Super Power Powder, an oxygenated stain remover and cleaner, provides superior cleaning strength for the most obstinate stains.

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