Rheocast Expands Capabilities with New Tooling Facility

GERMANTOWN, WI – Rheocast Company has opened a new tooling facility in Germantown, Wisconsin, adjacent to its main manufacturing facility for brass and aluminum high-pressure die castings. At its new tooling operation, Rheocast occupies half of the 15,000-square-foot building at N114 W19049 Clinton Drive, and employs three new employees there.

After thorough research, Rheocast invested well over $1 million in purchase of the building, new equipment and major renovations, including climate control systems specifically designed for tooling production. The new facility is equipped with CNC machines, grinders, lathes, CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and EDM (electrical discharge machining) equipment, overhead cranes and other machinery.

Previously, Rheocast conducted tool cleaning and die maintenance within its main 30,000-square-foot die casting facility, but saw an opportunity to expand its tooling capabilities.

"It all starts with well-built tooling," said Charlie Wright, Jr., Rheocast sales and marketing manager. "These new capabilities give us more control over the tooling process. Rheocast is known for the complexity of the brass and aluminum parts we die cast, and with the new in-house tooling, we have an even greater ability to achieve higher tolerances and more intricate shapes. We can select the highest quality materials, ensure the tool-making practices are what our customers need, and quickly make changes in-house to get our customers' parts to market faster," Wright said.

About Rheocast

Founded in 1977, Rheocast Company is a division of The Fall River Group, Inc., a large Wisconsin-based foundry and manufacturing organization. Rheocast specializes in the contract manufacture of high-pressure brass and aluminum die castings and value-added engineering services for industries such as transportation, automotive, marine and specialty craft, security hardware, exit hardware, fluid metering and many others. Based in Germantown, Wis., Rheocast is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company with 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space including machining, assembly and finishing services, as well as an adjacent in-house tool-making facility.


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