RGF Releases a New Study on Indoor Air Quality in the Yacht Industry - Sick Yacht Syndrome

Indoor air quality in homes and commercial buildings is a widely recognized, universal health problem. The question is why are indoor air quality problems magnified on a yacht and how can we control them?

West Palm Beach, FL. - RGF Environmental Group www.rgf.com/ known worldwide for their environmental systems using advanced oxidation, has released a study on indoor air quality within the yachting industry. The study was recently reprinted in Super Yacht Industry magazine.

The study looks into the numerous air quality problems with yachts. By nature yachts are tightly sealed in a dark, damp atmosphere with wide temperature differentials, and a wide array of mold, bacteria, virus, odor and microbial food sources. Stale air, diesel fuel, bilge odors, holding tank odors, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), Norwalk virus and staph bacteria are all problems and all present major indoor air health problems.

Healthy Yacht Hints include good housekeeping, air circulation, positive ventilation, advanced oxidation air purification systems, holding tank, fuel filtration, and bilge odor abatement systems. RGF's Advanced Oxidation air purification technologies www.rgf.com/marine_systems.cfm create friendly oxidation gases that aggressively destroy odor, microbial and gas pollutants within conditioned spaces, engine rooms and holding tanks.

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. For additional information on the Sick Yacht Syndrome article download your copy www.rgf.com/documents/Sick_yacht_article.pdf or contact Bill Svec on +1 561 848 1826 ext 108 or email bsvec@rgf.com.

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