Replacement Gas Works Facality Installs Quickly in Tight Conditions

They say it’s all in a days work. For the PECO Gas Works facility in Conshohocken, Pa., it was all in 90-minutes of installation on a Saturday morning.

PECO needed to replace a 10’ x 10’ building to hold additional equipment and several hazardous material above-ground storage tanks, which have a 7,000-pound load when filled with product. To accommodate this, a solid floor section was cast beneath each tank to support the applied load.

The replacement structure is a 10’ x 24’ Easi-Set Building with 4”-thick non-insulated walls and a 12”-thick floor slab with a 6”-containment depth covered with 1 1/2”-thick fiberglass grating in the non-storage tank areas. The interior ceiling is 8’. This building was manufactured by Easton, Pa.-based Oldcastle Precast Inc., one of 70 licensed precast concrete producers in 10 countries that manufacture Easi-Set products. The concrete exterior walls have a split face block formliner finish stained with Sherwin-Williams HC concrete stain. Stainless-steel brackets and hardware were used to assemble the wall panels because of the corrosive atmosphere.

The building was customized with an exterior stainless-steel ball valve, with a plug cap, to drain the containment area. Aluminum conduit/piping pass-thru panels were also installed over 1’ x 2’ wall openings at multiple locations on the perimeter.

The building was placed in very tight conditions between existing structures. Riggers from George Young & Co., Philadelphia, together with a crane from Sautter Crane Rental, Philadelphia, were utilized to set the building under the technical advice of Oldcastle Easi-Set Building Division Foreman Rick Morrison.

On May 21, the building arrived at 7 a.m. and was in place by 8:30 a.m. Of course hours of designing, planning, manufacturing, safety meetings and a little more preparation by all the team players had to happen before delivery and installation. It took all of this to make a 90-minute day of work a complete success.

PECO Gas Works facility, Conshohocken, Pa.

Easi-Set Worldwide licensed producer: Oldcastle Precast Inc., Easton, Pa.

Product: 10’ x 24’ x 8’ Easi-Set Building

Rigging: George Young Co., Philadelphia

Crane: Sautter Crane Rental, Philadelphia

Hauling: R. T. Hankinson Trucking, Ottsville, Pa.

Building owner: PECO Energy Gas Works Division (an Exelon Company), Conshohocken

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