Remote Shower Control Systems from Leonard Valve Highlighted in New Color Brochure

CRANSTON, RI - A new six-page color brochure describing the company's Remote Shower Control (RSC) Systems is now available from Leonard Valve Company, the leader in the manufacture of thermostatic water mixing valves.

Leonard's brochure (LV-103) incorporates product photos, charts, graphs and diagrams to highlight various RSC Systems, which are designed to provide remote water-temperature control in educational, penal, recreational or healthcare institutions.

Flow capacities, specifications, system descriptions and a selection/specification guide are contained in the literature, as well as features of the Remote Shower Control Systems including:

o Energy-conserving centralized remote control of shower temperature, location and duration
o Factory preassembled and pre-wired control cabinet with transformer
o Optional timers for each zone
o Remote temperature adjustment and monitoring of one to four mixing valve stations in up to four tempered water zones
o Factory preassembled and tested mixing valve systems

RSC models detailed in the brochure include: RSC-1 Systems, RSC-1 Systems with timers, RSC-2 Systems, RSC-3 Systems, RSC-4 Systems, RSC-0-1Z New Generation Systems and RSC-0-1Z-T New Generation Systems with Timers.

Since 1913, Leonard Valve Company has been the quality leader in the manufacture of thermostatic water mixing valves. All Leonard water temperature control products are made of the highest quality materials and manufactured to the most critical engineering specifications.

For a copy of Leonard Valve's Remote Shower Control Systems brochure (LV-103), contact:
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